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Course Overview

We offer flexible learning with a popular selection of English for General Purposes Programmes.

At Griffith Institute of Language, you will find a selection of options to choose from. Each programme has been carefully created to help our English Language students achieve their learning aims and fulfil their language aspirations.

Why study English at Griffith College?

With our flexible English for General Purposes Programmes, you can study for 15 hours (morning or afternoon). You have the choice of topping these hours up with an afternoon elective of 5 hours per week, giving you a total of 20 hours of tuition per week. Whichever Programme you choose, both fluency and accuracy will be the focus of study as we aim to help you with personal and professional development, giving you an advantage in whatever life path you decide to pursue.

Here, at Griffith Institute of Language (GIL) we aim to give all students the following:

  • Confidence in Speaking Listening, Reading and Writing skills.
  • Relaxed and comfortable classroom setting with emphasis on task completion and communication skills
  • Language, historical and cultural teachings that explore the historical and contemporary issues that make Ireland the society it is today.
  • high-quality teaching team ensuring learners get the most from their time with us.
  • Progress opportunities to support transition through to Griffith College's undergraduate or postgraduate programmes, if required.

I’ve always been excited about studying in Griffith College because their method and teachers are really good. Now that I finished I feel really proud of myself and grateful for all the experiences I had. Limerick is a really good place, it’s a small and simple city and because of that the here can be very humble.
from Brazil
When I arrived in Ireland I couldn’t understand anyone, but now it’s different, my English level is much better. Here I made new friends and the teachers are really good. Now I’m going back to Brazil to finish my college and after that, I want to return to Griffith College and maybe start a new degree here.
from Brazil

Course Details

English for General Purposes Programme, 15 hours

This standard Programme offers 15 hours of study per week, with a choice of morning or afternoon lessons. The Programme structure allows you to take full advantage of all the resources, facilities and support on offer, whilst giving you free time in the afternoon or the morning to do self-study, shop or relax, depending on which Programme you choose.

English for General Purposes Programme + Elective, 20 hours 

This premium Intensive Programme provides 20 hours of study per week (morning + early afternoon lessons). The Programme consists of 15 hours of English Language in the morning and an additional hour of tuition (an elective chosen by yourself) in the early afternoon from Monday to Friday.


How to Apply

Entry Requirements 

Applicants for year round language courses must be 18 years or older to apply for an English Programme.

How to Apply 

Apply online 


Academic Progression

Students who successfully complete a Griffith Institute of Language (GIL) English for General Purposes Programme may be eligible to enrol onto an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Programme at Griffith College. Please see Griffith College courses and entry requirements for further information.

Career Progression

Competence in the English Language is a requirement in most professions in Ireland, as well as abroad. Successful completion of a Griffith Institute of Language (GIL) English for General Purposes Programme will give students an advantage in whatever career path they choose to pursue.

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