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Why study to enter into the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry in Ireland:

  • Currently generates over 50 percent of the country’s exports contributing to making Ireland the largest net exporter of medicines in the world.
  • Maintains substantial operations belonging to 9 of the top 10 companies in the world.
  • Manufactures 5 of the world's top 12 medicines.
  • Directly employs over 24,500 people, over half of which are third level graduates.
  • Employs another 24,500 people in the provision services to the sector.
  • Has invested over €7 billion in Ireland over the decade and according to IDA Ireland the replacement value of the investment by the pharmaceutical sector in the Irish economy is over €40 billion.
Who is the target audience for these programmes?

The programme is targeted at two potential audience groups.

Firstly, those who wish to develop their pharmaceutical business operations knowledge and gain a greater understanding of the manufacturing and regulatory systems, as well as improvement methodologies required in today’s pharmaceutical industry.

Secondly, those who wish to develop their knowledge in the areas of data analysis and clinical trials. Typical participants are those involved in Manufacturing, Compliance, Business Improvement, Quality Assurance, Validation, Data Analytics, Clinical Trial Co-Ordination and Engineering. This programme is ideally suited to be part of a Team Leader/Supervisor Career Development programme as it develops the competencies ideally suited for such roles.


How do I apply?

To learn more about applying for a course in Pharmaceutical Science, get in touch by phone or email: 


What are the entry requirements for these programmes?

Most qualified applicants will possess a minimum qualification of Certificate at NFQ Level 6 or higher in Science/Engineering/IT/Quality or a related discipline.

Who are Innopharma Education?

Established in 2009, Innopharma Education works at the forefront of high-tech manufacturing advancing skills and capabilities across the pharmaceutical, food science and Medtech industries. Find out more about our extensive range of industry-focused part-time courses.