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Griffith & Innopharma Education Faculty of Science

The faculty is a collaboration between Griffith College and Innopharma Education to provide accredited higher education qualifications in Pharmaceutical Science. Innopharma Education are experts at training and upskilling personnel to integrate into operations, compliance and analytical roles for the pharmaceutical/biotech and medtech sectors. All Griffith & Innopharma Education courses lead to accredited awards with each course providing strong scientific content, practical applications, business
 context and professional development.

Students in The Griffith Innopharma Faculty of Science
Industry-relevant courses

All Griffith College and Innopharma Education courses are industry-led and lead to accredited Degrees or Master's awards. Each course provides strong scientific content, practical applications, insight into new technologies, business context and professional development ideal for the pharmaceutical and medtech industries, among others.

Two Innopharma Education students discuss a project at Griffith College
Upskill for the Pharmaceutical sector

Ireland is the world's largest net exporter of pharmaceuticals, producing five of the world's top-selling drugs; nineteen of the world's top twenty pharma companies have sites in Ireland. Over 50,000 people work in the pharmaceutical sector in Ireland, which has an excellent global reputation.

Upskill for the medtech sector

Ireland's medtech industry is growing rapidly and is now one of the world's leaders in medical device products. Over 10,000 jobs are predicted in the sector by 2030, and Ireland is now home to nine of the top ten global medical technology companies. The government and independent companies are investing in the growth of this vital field.

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Student Testimonials

Read what some our of graduates had to say!

Chibuike Chiedozie

“Coming from an engineering background I found it very interesting and enlightening to delve into the tech world and learn how new technologies are making improvements to industry.”

Chibuike Chiedozie PGDip Digital Transformation (Life Science)
Lisa Farrelly

“I recently started a role as a Quality Operations manager in Pfizer and had the master's on my cv when applying for the job. I always wanted to do a master's and I'm delighted to have been able to go back and do it while working full-time.”

Lisa Farrelly MSc in Pharmaceutical Business & Technology
Anita Thomas

“I moved into the pharmaceutical industry two years ago and felt I lacked the qualifications needed, now after completing the course I've recently started a role as Assistant Manager of the science department in the AMTCE.”

Anita Thomas BA (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Business Operations

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