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Not only is the pharmaceutical industry booming in Ireland, but so are medical device companies.

As the Irish MedTech industry flourishes, so do these companies who are doing the good work of researching, designing, and manufacturing life-saving tools and instruments. 

But what are medical devices? Why are they important? 

And within the MedTech industry, what jobs can you secure working with medical devices? 

What Is a Medical Device and Why Are They Important? 

Medical device is a broad term. Depending on the situation, doctors and patients can use them. 

The main takeaway is their tools, instruments, machines, or the like that aid in diagnosing or treating an illness or condition.

Why are Medical Devices Important? 

Many of the treatments for common illnesses and conditions involve the use of medical devices. 

They’re life-saving tools that doctors and patients can use to better their health and, therefore, their quality of life. 

Many patients would not be able to live a normal life without the use of medical devices! And plenty of doctors wouldn’t be able to perform the medical procedures they’re now capable of without them, either. 

Because of that, medical devices are quintessential to modern medicine. 

Why Work in the Medical Device Industry? 

If you’re interested in being a part of a life-saving industry, then it may be worth it to work in medical devices. 

Not only that, but as technology continues to expand, the medical device industry grows more efficient. Engineers, researchers, and manufacturers can produce medical devices that never existed beforehand.

Those working at medical device companies in Ireland and worldwide are becoming more innovative and creative than ever before. 

What Makes the Medical Device Industry a Lucrative Career Opportunity?

A career within the medical device industry is well worth pursuing, especially in Ireland. Since businesses in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry are both booming on the Emerald Isle, there are plenty of opportunities for those interested in this sector.

With these companies flourishing, they’re continuously looking for recruits to step into positions across the board. 

Not to mention, with more knowledge and expertise in the industry from a higher level of education, you’ll be well within your means to negotiate your salary. One of the best ways to do that is by finding a master’s degree programme that’s right for you.

Applications are now open for our funded PG Dip in Medical Device Technology and Business. Get in touch with us to find out more. 

Jobs in the Medical Device Industry: What’s Available? 

Yes, the medical device companies in Ireland are booming. But if you’re thinking of taking a step in that direction, you’ll want to know what kinds of jobs in the medical device industry are available to you. 

Medical Device Companies Ireland: What Are the Top Emerging Companies?

From established medical device companies in Ireland to medical device startups, there are several top emerging companies to help you get your career started. 

No matter what medical device companies in Ireland you decide to pursue, Innopharma can help you take the first steps. 

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