Griffith College Professional Academy

Offering Professional Short Courses

Commitment to Continuous Learning
Commitment to continuous learning

A commitment to learning is at the heart of any successful career. We provide a wide range of high-quality short courses, designed in collaboration with employers, to contribute to your personal and professional development. On completion, you will have new skills and knowledge to apply to your career.

Flexible study options
Flexible study options

Part-time evening courses, in fields as diverse as business, computing, design, law and more, are designed to offer you flexible and accessible ways of learning. Most courses run one evening per week, between 6:30pm and 9:30pm, for 6, 10, 12 or 24 weeks. There are also Saturday courses and one-day courses, so there is always a course to suit your schedule and achieve a work-life-study balance. We also offer a wide range of courses that can be provided as one-to-one training, or training to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.

strong reputation
Strong reputation

Our relevant and up-to-date courses, accredited by Griffith College, are designed to meet industry needs and student expectations. All training is carried out to the highest professional standard; we consistently achieve top-grade satisfaction ratings. Additionally, all our lecturers are highly qualified, have industry experience in their respective fields and know their students by name.

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