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About the School

The Professional Law School was established in 1990, with the aim of providing law and non-law graduates with the best possible preparation for the profession.

Since then, the school has become the largest provider of professional legal training in Ireland, with a justifiable reputation for excellence.

What we have to Offer

The Professional Law School offers a range of courses including the Law Society of Ireland (FE1) preparation courses and entrance examinantions, and the Honorable Society of King's Inn entrance examinations.  These classes are available both live and online.  One day revision courses are offered towards the end of each term on the FE1 prep course.

The Professional Law School also offers a mediation certificate that is level 8 on the NFQ and recognised by the MII (Mediation Instistute of Ireland). 

The FE1 and King's Inns courses offer students many advantages when studying for the professional qualifications including;

  • Lecturers of the highest calibre in their field
  • Manuals
  • Video Tutorials
  • Comprehensive exam preparation
Data Protection Compliance: A Guide to GDPR and Irish Data Protection Law

Clarus Press Announces New Guide to GDPR

27 March, 2019

New book aimed at the Irish market to aid in GDPR compliance


I cannot speak highly enough of the resources provided by the college and how much that helps take pressure off when looking for information. I would definitely recommend the college to anyone sitting the FE-1's and will whenever the situation arises.
Niall Sexton
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the lecturers and staff at Griffith College for all their work and advice through the summer course - I certainly would not have been in a position to pass these exams without your help.
Keith Underwood
FE1 Preparatory Course
The FE1 syllabus can be daunting as there is so much to cover however Griffith guide you through it in an exam focused manner making it surprisingly manageable and enjoyable.
Rachel Ahern, Overend FE1 Prizewinner 2011
FE1 Preparatory Course 2011
I did the revision course in EU and Contract law. Both courses prepared me well for the exams. I found looking over previous exam questions really useful and would certainly recommend Griffith College's preparatory course
Catharine Buggie
FE1 Preparatory Course