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Certificate in Digital Technologies and Project Management for Business

Certificate in Digital Technologies and Project Management for Business


Now accepting final applications; don’t miss this unique opportunity to upskill with a free or 90% funded course. All classes are recorded for revision and catch up purposes.

Employers are set to rapidly digitalize working processes. This course is designed to provide learners with the skills to work effectively in the evolving digital workplace and to have the necessary skills to be eligible for emerging new jobs.  

If you are: 

  • employed, this course will help you to enhance your existing skills and upskill in areas you need to do your job more effectively.
  • unemployed, this course will give you the skills necessary to compete for emerging jobs that are in demand. It is particularly relevant for learners who may currently lack the digital and management skills required for these new roles.

Why study this course at Griffith College?

This certificate course includes a suite of modules that will provide learners with the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in the world of business, from professional development, which includes a strong focus on career progression, to successfully managing and implementing a variety of projects. In addition, learners will develop necessary skills in the area of sales, negotiation and lifelong customer engagement. The inclusion of digital marketing techniques enables learners to maximise sales and marketing opportunities.  Overall, the combination of modules in this certificate programme will develop learner’s technical and transversal skills to meet industry expectations and to better position the learner to rebuild and grow their career.  

Transversal skills: These are ‘soft’ and transferable skills that will allow you to be better positioned to make a career change and qualify for in-demand jobs in sectors that you are currently not qualified to apply for.     

This course: 

  • Enables learners to maximise employment and career opportunities, including overseeing the successful implementation of projects.
  • Enables learners to excel in the digital world of customer engagement.  
  • Enables learners to advance in sales management techniques.  
  • Equips you with the knowledge and transferable skills essential to jump-start or progress in your career.
  • Has progression options available.
  • Is delivered by experienced lecturers, with live-streamed classes. Classes will also be recorded and made available on the Student Portal.

Course Highlights

  • Equips learners with an understanding of IT concepts relevant to business and understand how they relate to each other
  • Develop skills to analyse digital marketing channels and best practices used by organisations
  • Explains the concept of selling in the information era
  • Evaluates the dynamic nature of forces which impact on customers’ buying decisions 
  • Describes and explains the importance of the key elements and core characteristics of a project and applies various tools and techniques to initiate, plan and evaluate a project

About this Certificate

Learners who complete this programme are awarded a Certificate in Digital Technologies and Project Management for Business from Griffith College. They also receive a transcript of results detailing their attainment in the component modules on the related QQI validated programmes.  As a bespoke certificate, with modules drawn from separate programmes, the Certificate does not lead to a separate award on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Intake dates

The next intake for this programme will be in September 2021, with induction held on the 16th of September.


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