Computer Programming (Taster Course)

Professional / Short Course
24 Weeks x 1 Evening (2 Hours)
Validated by
Griffith College
NFQ Level
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Course Overview

Become proficient in the concepts of programming and problem solving.

This module teaches the learner how to design high-quality programs in a systematic way.


This course focuses on the development of professional skills; while it does not sit on the national framework, the module is drawn from Griffith College’s suite of QQI-validated degree programmes.

Why Study Computer Programming at Griffith College?

The Computer Programming course is conducted on a part-time evening basis over a 24-week period. This module introduces the learners to the main principles of programming with all relevant concepts and techniques explained and exemplified in the clearest, simplest language.

  • You will learn to design, develop, test and debug software applications using core programming concepts.
  • You will learn to precisely specify the syntax and semantics of a programming language and implement basic algorithms and data structures.
  • You will learn to accurately document the design of a program on-the-fly and determine the basic efficiency of an algorithm.
  • Evening class schedule allows you to balance your study with your work/life commitments.
  • Option to further your studies in this area by pursuing our BSc (Hons) in Computing course.

Intake Dates

We run one intake for this course, commencing as follows:


  • Autumn: September*


*subject to sufficient numbers

Please see the timetable section for course dates.

Course Details

Year One Core Subjects

  • How do you complete a task?
  • Identifying sub-components on larger task
  • Defining order of subcomponents
  • Creation of algorithms
  • Stepwise design of programs

  • Expressions and statements
  • Basic arithmatic
  • Comments
  • Variables and assignment (Integers, doubles, booleans, characters)
  • Boolean expressions and logic
  • Condtional statements
  • Iteration statements
  • User input
  • Output
  • String manipulation
  • Sub-routines (Parameters, Signature, Procedures, Copy rule.)
  • Arrays
  • 2D arrays
  • Text File I/O
  • Binary File I/O
  • Records
  • Simple sorting algorithms (selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort)
  • Binary search

  • Developing a good coding style
  • Using comments effectively
  • Naming conventions
  • Indentation
  • Code structure

Course Contacts

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 01 415 0429.


This course will commence in September 2023 - dates to be confirmed.

Year 2023 - Semester 1, September 2023 to December 2023 

Year 2024 - Semester 2, February 2024 to May 2024

1 Evening per week over 24 weeks. 

How to Apply

Entry Requirements

Mature Students 

If you are 23 years or over from the 1st January of this year, you can apply for this course directly using the College’s online application form.

Under 23 Years 

Old Leaving Cert (Pre 2017)

Two Honours Level, Grade C3s or above and four Ordinary Level D3s (subjects to include Maths and a language, English, Irish or another language) or equivalent exam taken.

New Leaving Cert

2 H5 and 4 O6/H7 grades, to include Maths and a language (English, Irish or another language).

English Language

If English is not your native language, you must show that your English level is of a suitable standard. For further information please contact a member of the Admissions Team.

Griffith College is now accepting the online Duolingo English Test (DET) as valid proof of English proficiency. Please see here for further details.

How to Apply

Directly to Griffith College Short Courses Department.


Annual Fees

Study Mode: Part-Time

Fee: EUR 720.00


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