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Griffith College’s key update

Updated: 5 May 2021, 10:25

During the Taoiseach’s announcement on the 29th of April 2021, no easing of COVID-19 restrictions for Further and Higher Education were introduced. We note that there will be a phased re-opening and phased lifting of restrictions in a number of other areas in May and June, which is good news.

However, in addition to supporting each other, we recognise the importance of providing clarity regarding the College.

Teaching Plans

The current Level 5 measures for higher education will continue to be in place for the final weeks of Semester Two with the majority of lectures remaining online. Most practical classes in the Design, Media and LSMD faculties continue to be on-campus and other very limited and pre-agreed teaching may also take place on-campus. The remainder of teaching will remain online. Your Head of Faculty will provide further guidance and clarification.

We understand in June the Minister for Higher Education will announce more about how HE will be delivered in the 2021/22 academic year. The Government is planning that all HE students will be back on campus for the next academic term, with possibly one-metre social distancing in lecture rooms. 

Upcoming Changes

Please see key upcoming dates that do affect the College, its learners and residents:

From the 10th of May:

  • The college libraries will be open for in-person lending services, but with no access to reading spaces, study rooms or PCs.
  • We will be opening up the playing pitch on the SCR campus for sports training.
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 15 people on campus permitted

From the 7th of June (Bank Holiday Monday):

  • the College fitness room will re-open with numbers strictly limited and sports matches may commence on the campus pitch for staff, learners and residents.

We appreciate everyone’s continued commitment and hard work in these challenging times – the summer and our future are now looking much brighter.

For more information on this update, COVID-19 protocols and hybrid learning, please see below.

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On Campus COVID-19 Protocols

Thank you for complying with our COVID-19 protocols while on campus, including:

  • wearing your mask inside the buildings at all times
  • wiping your desk before sitting at it and also after your lecture
  • only removing your mask (if you wish to) while you maintain two-meter social distancing and are seated at your desk
  • maintaining a two-metre social distance at all times outside the lecture room

Let’s all work together to stay safe!

Finally, in order to allow some learners to undertake the programme remotely, we will be recording all lectures. They will be available for review on the appropriate Moodle subject page within 24 hours.

How to prepare for hybrid learning

Griffith College will be delivering courses using a hybrid learning model where and when permitted, giving our students the option of attending classes on campus and in person – or by joining those same lectures remotely, via the Zoom classroom. You can see a video guide to Griffith Hybrid at the right.

To prepare for this new mode of learning please follow the guides and instruction on the Remote Learners page.

Update Archive

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