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Griffith College is closed to non-resident students. Classes are continuing via e-learning.

Updated: 6 April, 11:30

The college’s first priority is the health and safety of our learners, residents, lecturers and staff.

The college would like to thank all our learners for the huge support, flexibility and commitment shown during these recent extraordinary weeks. Thanks to our learners, lecturers and staff, we’ve managed to adapt, readjust and continue to deliver our programmes during a worldwide pandemic.

The college’s intention and guiding principles at all times are as follows:

  • Consider everyone’s safety and health first. Everything else must come later.
  • Make every effort to continue our learners’ programmes in relation to delivery and assessment
  •  Make every effort to keep things the same, by making as few changes as possible
  • Wherever changes are required: 
    • Ensure the continued integrity and reputation of the learners’ programme and related awards
    • Support learners through the changes, treating all learners equally and fairly

Several weeks ago, the college made the following collective commitments to learners:

  • Where possible, on-campus classes are being moved online to the same schedule (e.g. classes scheduled for 10 am on Thursdays will continue to be delivered at 10 am Thursdays).
  • Semester examinations scheduled for May 2020 will no longer involve on-campus attendance. They will be conducted via remote access and online to allow for online attendance and monitoring.
  • Your faculty will be in touch regarding any changes to due dates and delivery within your course.

Since then we’ve managed to deliver on our first commitment, moving our on-campus classes online and to the same schedule. In particular, we’re continuing to deliver the exact same programme modules, using the exact same curriculum to meet the exact same learning outcomes. 


We’ve also made progress in relation to our other commitments. The college’s procedures for end-of-semester examinations (i.e. formal in-person two or three-hour exams that would have been held on-campus) are as follows:

Formal Time-Limited Examinations


  • The examinations have been scheduled in line with traditional Irish time slots (morning and afternoon exams). 
  • The examination schedule will be forwarded to you separately by your faculty, if they have not already done so.
  • The examination papers will be made available to learners online in advance (by at least 15 minutes)
  • Learners will be given an additional period (of at least 15 minutes) after the examination to submit their completed work. 

More detailed step-by-step instructions will be forwarded to learners over the coming weeks.

Exam Answering Options 

  • Using a computer: Learners will complete their examination on a computer – for example by typing their responses using Word or Excel.
  • Handwriting: Where learners are not in a position to complete their examinations online they will be allowed to complete their examination on paper, handwriting their answers as they would for a traditional exam. The college will forward the arrangements for handwritten examination submission at a later date.

Additional Requirements

  • Learners with additional requirements will continue to be supported by the college’s learning support department. Learners will be contacted directly by the department to ensure that appropriate arrangements are put in place.


  • Learners will be required to consent to the college’s terms and conditions for the examinations (e.g. confirming that the work they submit is their own, etc.)
  • Learners will be required to be online and viewable (via Zoom) by college invigilators for the duration of the exams and the additional periods before and afterwards.
  • Candidates requiring to temporarily leave the venue during the examination will be allowed to request to do so by alerting or texting the invigilator.

Open Book/Open Note/Open Internet Exam/Open Source

  • It is understood that learners may access their course notes and the internet during the examination period.
  • Given the strict time constraints of the examinations, learners will be advised of the risks of losing valuable time searching for new understandings of topics in response to examination questions.
  • The college’s examination papers will remain generally in line with traditional in-person examinations with appropriate adaptations to reflect the slightly changed circumstances.

Trial Run

  • To assure everyone about the process, the college will shortly arrange trial runs for all learners, for example, allowing you to:
    • Set up your “examination venue” as you wish
    • Open/download and complete a “sample page” (with no credits or marks). For example, answering some yes/no or short questions about how you’re getting on! 
    • Upload the “sample page” to the college
    • Receive a response from the college in return

All Other Types of Assessment

All faculties will continue to stay in touch with their learners about their programmes. In particular, faculties will contact learners directly in relation to assessments that do not involve traditional time-limited examinations.

Outside of the faculties, the college’s other departments are also adjusting to recent changes so they too can continue to provide services for learners. For example, the college library, Students’ Union, learning support unit and counselling service are available and fully ready to support you and other learners in this new environment.

Please Note 

More than anything else, we are conscious that everyone’s lives have been turned upside down and that many of our learners may be dealing with enormous worries and personal stress. We recognise that what really matters most at this time is everyone’s health and safety and we want our actions to facilitate and support our learners rather than adding to their stress.

Learners who wish to defer their examinations can apply to do so in the normal way. 

Questions about exams?

There are several resources available for students with questions about online exams:

Information on the COVID-19 coronavirus

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