Celebrating more than 40 years of excellence

The academic year 2013/14 marked an important milestone for Griffith College as we celebrated the 40th anniversary of its founding. Many former students have gone on to distinguished careers in Ireland and internationally, in fields as diverse as accountancy, business, computing, design, law, media, music and drama. On our 40th year, Griffith College accounted for all five finalists for photographer of the year at the 2013 student media awards, while student Philip Murray achieved first in world in his F5 accountancy exams. Distinguished Fellowship Award recipients at Griffith College include Mary McAleese, 8th President of Ireland, and Nobel Laureates Seamus Heaney and John Hume. More recently, Griffith students continue to take home awards and make our college proud.

Griffith College 1813 - 1892