Administrative Guidelines

Administrative re-check of assessment results

A re-check refers to the process of checking the administrative recording and addition of marks, and that all attempted parts of the question were marked, and that no computational error occurred during the marking process or in the transfer of marks to the results sheet or database. It does not involve any review of the assessment performance or the merit of the mark awarded. Requests for re-checks must be lodged within 5 days of the official release of the results on Moodle by the Examinations Office. The request must be submitted on the appropriate form to the Faculty Administration Office, along with the set fee of €100. In the event of an error being found, which results in a change to the mark awarded, the fee will be refunded.

Review of Results

Students are afforded the opportunity of discussing their assessment results with their lecturer(s). Such consultations or review feedback meetings are aimed at giving guidance to improvements to future performance, and can be very beneficial for revision and repeat preparation. Such requests must be made directly to the Faculty Office within 10 days of the release of the results. For more details, please consult your Faculty Guidelines.

Examination Board Appeal

A student wishing to appeal the decision of an Examination Board may do so in accordance with the conditions or grounds set below:

  1. The learner believes that there was a non-academic irregularity in the manner in which his/her assessments were conducted
  2. The learner wishes to present information of mitigating circumstances which were not known to the Examination Board.  In this case the learner must also show good reason why such circumstances could not have been made known prior to or at the Examination Board meeting.
  3. There is a breach of natural justice.

It is important to note that disagreement with the academic judgement of the Examination Board cannot in itself constitute grounds for appeal.

It should be noted that all marks approved by an Examination Board go through a rigorous internal and external checking and moderation procedure in adherence with the Colleges Quality Assurance Controls.

Appeals must be submitted to the Quality Assurance Office (D208) on the official Appeal Form (QA E15 page 16) along with the Appeal fee of €40, within 10 days of the Examination results / Examination Board Decision being released or posted online.

(Should the appeal be upheld the fee will be refunded).

Any necessary supporting documentation which may be relevant to the case should be submitted along with the Appeal Form.

For more information, please consult the Quality Assurance Manual Section E15.