Study Abroad Checklist


  • While packing for your time abroad, make sure to remember that the climate in Ireland may be different than in your country.
  • It is best to pack versatile and interchangeable clothing that can be worn in any season.
  • Walking is the most common form of transportation in Dublin, so make sure to pack comfortable shoes.
  • Many toiletry items can be found in Ireland, but it may be a good idea to pack your favourite brands.
  • Please make sure to check with your airline on the luggage restrictions regarding weight/size.


  • Bring chargers for all your electronic devices
  • Voltage convertor & Plug Adapter (Be sure it is the correct device for Ireland, so that you will not blow up any of your appliances)
  • Luggage Locks
  • Local Currency (Ireland’s currency is the Euro)
  • If staying with a host family, it is a good idea to bring a small gift upon arrival.
  • Travel guides
  • Journal (Documenting your experiences allows you to look back at your adventures in the future)
  • Bring something to remind you of home (pictures, flag of your country, etc.)

Packing Important Documents

  • Make sure to have photocopies of all important documents (Passports, Visas, Student ID, Credit/Debit card, European Health Insurance card, plane tickets, etc.)
  • Record all important phone numbers and addresses in case of an emergency.

Day of Departure

  • Check with your airline for any changes in flight times.
  • Bring a spare change of clothes
  • Pack essential personal items (toiletries, medication, etc.)
  • Make sure to have photocopies of all personal documents in case of an emergency.
  • Have a record of your local address abroad and contact information.
  • Have a great time abroad in Ireland and make sure to experience life to the fullest. Take lots of pictures and record your adventures so that you will have these memories forever.