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Griffith College Student Achievements - Law
International Innocence Project Network

International Innocence Project Network

What is it?

The Innocence Project network is an international human rights organisation which was co-founded in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld. The organisation uses DNA evidence to examine cases where there are claims of wrongful conviction.  

Griffith College and the Innocence Project

The Irish Innocence Project was established by the Dean of Law, David Langwallner in 2010. Griffith College is the project's home base. This is the first initiative of its kind in Ireland.

Currently, there are 12 student caseworkers drawn from Trinity College, Dublin City University and Griffith College Dublin, with up to eight overseeing lawyers and a supervisory board which is chaired by an Irish Supreme Court judge Frank Clarke. Justice Clarke has been the Judge in Residence within the Griffith College Law School since 2010.

International Innocence Project Internships

In Summer 2014 the Dean of Law in Griffith College, David Langwallner, secured internships for five law student caseworkers from the Irish Innocence Project. These students travelled to Arizona and California over the summer break and worked with leading DNA lawyers on each state’s Innocence Project cases. The successful caseworkers were from both Trinity College and Griffith College Dublin.

US Fulbright Scholar Working at Griffith College

Award-winning investigative journalist Anne Driscoll, from The Brandeis Project, has been working at Griffith College since Autumn 2013. Awarded a Fulbright scholarship (a prestigious international scholarship enabling her to work with the IIP), Anne has been teaching investigative journalism skills to Griffith College’s law and journalism students and inspiring a new generation to get involved in challenging wrongful convictions.

Innocence Project Student Caseworkers

Autumn 2014 saw the induction of 18 new student caseworkers enrolled on the project including the first ever journalism student to join the ranks of law students.

Irish Innocence Project International Conference & Film Festival On Wrongful Conviction – June 2015

The Irish Innocence Project has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for its work.

As part of this campaign, the inaugural Irish Innocence Project International Conference On Wrongful Convictions, Human Rights And Student Experience, and the Wrongful Convictions Film Festival will both take place in Dublin on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th June 2015.

The conference and film festival will be the first of their kind. If it is possible for you to donate a small amount we urge you to do so and to join our campaign, Be The Key: Set An Innocent Free. You can be the key! 

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The World's Universities Debating Championships

Griffith College students have participated in the World's Universities Debating Championships which is the largest, most prestigious and most international competition in intercollegiate debating. There are over 200 higher education institutions representing over 45 nations. Prestigious universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard University and Yale University participate in this renowned event.

The International Thomas A. Finlay Court Moot Intervarsity

What is a Moot?

Participating in a Moot gives students in higher education the opportunity to debate a legal issue against an opposing Counsel and Judge.

The Thomas A. Finlay Moot Court Intervarsity is an international moot court competition hosted by University College, Dublin. In 2009, Griffith College students, Claire Michelle Smyth and Barry Vickers took the first prize. The two LLB (Hons) in Irish Law, second year students, defeated the opposition from all over Ireland, UK and Northern Ireland. They made history as the first ever Griffith College team to win such a prestigious award in the Moot Court Competition. The International competition has attracted teams from across the British Isles and beyond, including Warwick University, Middle Temple and Notre Dame University. 

The British Honourable Society of the Inner Temple Inter-Varsity Moot

In 2011, Griffith College students took part in the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple Inter-Varsity Moot. Griffith College was the only Irish higher education institution to be represented at this prestigious Mooting Competition which took place in London. The Griffith College students competed against 23 of the UK's top universities including Kings College London and the College of Law. The Griffith College Dean of Law, David Langwallner acted as a Judge in the competition.

The Irish Times National Debating Championships

This is the most distinguished debating competition for students in higher education in Ireland. In 2010, Sean O' Quigley, Griffith College student won the 1st prize for individual speaker. Every year Griffith College students participate and do very well.

The Honorable Society of King's Inns

The Honorable Society of King's Inns

The Society is the national body which governs entry to the profession of barrister-at-law. Only holders of this degree may be called to the Bar of Ireland by the Chief Justice. The school of law at King's Inns is the oldest institution for the training of lawyers in the country.

The National FE1 prizewinners

Students must successfully complete the national FE1's (Final Entrance Examinations Part 1) in order to continue on to the next stage of the Barrister at Law degree at the Honorable Society of King's Inns. Griffith College is the first college in the non-university sector to have degrees that are recognised by the Honorable Society of King's Inns for the purposes of admission to its annual entrance examinations. The Griffith College Professional Law School has obtained consistent success in the FE1 examinations with 47 FE1 prize winners to date and 20 Law society prizes in recent years. 

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