Personal Public Service Number

It is essential for all students to obtain a Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), or PPS number, if they do not already have one. The PPS number is an identifier issued by the Client Identity Services section of the Department of Social Protection. Your PPSN is for use in any transactions you may have with public bodies or persons authorised by those bodies to act on their behalf.

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), the college’s accreditation body, require that all students taking QQI accredited courses provide the college with their PPS number. QQI use the PPS number as it is unique to each person, and this eliminates the possibility of confusing one student with another and makes it possible for them to operate more efficiently and effectively with their customers.

This means that Griffith College need each student to provide a PPSN to enable us to send your final year results to QQI and thus allow you to graduate.

How to apply for your PPS Number

Inside Ireland

If you do not have a PPSN, please apply for one at any Department of Social Protection Intreo office as a matter of urgency. The main Intreo office address is:

Intreo Office

197-199 Parnell Street

Dublin 1

When applying for your PPSN, you will need to bring the following documents with you to the Intreo Office:

  1. Passport or GNIB card
  2. Letter from Griffith College - (in order to apply for a letter from the College, please visit  and select ‘PPS Letter’)
  3. Evidence of your address in Ireland.

You will be required to complete a form at the Social Welfare office. If everything is in order, the PPS Number will then be sent to you by post.

Further details on how to apply for your PPSN can be found on

Once you have received your PPS number please e-mail [email protected] giving your PPSN and your student number so that your records can be updated. 

If you need any further assistance in completing the application process or have any questions about PPS Numbers please do not hesitate to contact the International Office here in Griffith College at [email protected]

Outside of Ireland

To apply for a PPSN from outside Ireland, you will need to contact the Department of Social Protection's Client Identity Services at [email protected]. The Client Identity Services will request the following items from you during the application process:

  1. Completed Exceptional Application and REG 1 forms
  2. A current valid passport (copies only)
  3. Evidence of your address, i.e. utility bill or any official document with your name and current address on it
  4. A letter from Griffith College (in order to apply for a letter from the College, please visit  and select ‘PPS Letter’)

Client Identity Services requests for PPS numbers take 6 to 8 weeks.

Useful Forms

  • Exceptional Application
  • REG 1 forms