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Film and TV Student for a Day

Event Date: 
7 April, 2021
Griffith Film Student

Dive into the World of Film and TV

Do you ever find yourself wondering how the Marvel universe was brought to life? Or why no matter how many times you watch 'The Fault in our Stars' you always ugly cry because you are hit very much in the feels?  If you are pondering these questions, and many more, maybe a career in film is the right path for you! Come inside the world of a Griffith Film student and take a tour of our studios, check out some of our equipment and get an insight into composition. 

Griffith's Media courses, including our Film & TV programme, offer progressive learning styles, modern media education, and eventually send students off to thrive in their workplace of choice. Numerous past Griffith Media students have gone on to be nominated, as well as win awards!