Graduate Business School Guest Lecture: Naomi Butler

Friday, April 3, 2020

Graduate Business School and Professional Accountancy lecturer Paula Byrne invited Naomi Butler to talk to MSc in Accounting and Finance students.

In order to give her students more of an appreciation for the theory, Graduate Business and Professional Accountancy lecturer, Paula Byrne, invited the Head of Tax Compliance in KSi Faulkner Orr, Naomi Butler, to speak to her class. As a PAYE Specialist, Naomi was keen to show the students of the MSc in Accounting and Finance how to put their class theory into practice.

Naomi Butler

Naomi is currently working at one of the top medium-sized accountancy firms in Dublin, KSi Faulkner Orr; however, her background has not always been in tax. Naomi started off her career path with a degree in equine science and spent a number of years working with horses in Dubai before returning home. “I was looking to go down the accountancy route when I came home so sent my CV out to hundreds of firms where it was picked up by a tax partner. He gave me an interview out of pure curiosity as he had never met someone who had done my college course and by the end of the interview he offered me a job in tax.” To date, she has spent approximately 16 years in KSi Faulkner Orr, and is working currently as the Head of Tax Compliance.

PAYE Modernisation was the main focus of the lecture, however, she touched on elements such as individual tax credits and rate bands. “If the students understand how the system works with regard to their own circumstances, they are in a better position to understand and explain to future clients how these systems impact them.”

About PAYE Modernisation

The PAYE system in Ireland was launched in 1960. Revenue has since been working on an update for this system for a number of years and finally launched PAYE Modernisation in January 2019. This system enables employers to report to Revenue in real-time, which will remove the need to file P30, P45, P60 and P35 returns.

To anyone who doesn't specialise in accountancy and tax, this doesn't mean much, but to those that do, it's a big deal! Griffith College students learn the most up-to-date information within their course subject matter. With this particular topic, lecturer Paula Byrne thought it would be best to have a PAYE Specialist explain the implications of this latest system to the students. Paula said of the talk: “Naomi is an extremely passionate speaker and was able to bring the theory to life by using real-life case studies.”

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