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Graduate Business School welcomes guest lecturer Kareem Mostafa

Guest lecturer Kareem Mostafa presents to the Graduate Business School students

Guest lecturing is a cornerstone of every master's programme in the Graduate Business School.

With this particular lecture focusing on ‘Content Marketing for Global Brand,’ the students of Global Brand Management were delighted to welcome Kareem Mostafa, co-founder of tribetactics and the author of Original Series, who delivered fascinating insights into an emerging trend across marketing – episodic content.

Kareem Mostafa, tribetactics & Original Series

The lecture, entitled ‘Great stories happen to those who can tell them: Content Marketing, Now and the Future,’ was primarily based on Kareem’s book Original Series: How to Create Binge-Worthy B2B Content that Drives Revenue along with learnings from the day-to-day challenges of running a business like tribetactics. Where video marketing is nothing new, but a powerful, effective part of marketing strategy, episodic content is the latest trend being driven by tribetactics. Inspired by the theory behind Netflix’s Original Series, tribetactics help brands to create their own “TV-like” original series shows, which then can be repurposed into micro-content pieces. This is the cutting-edge of marketing and Griffith's Global Brand Management students had an opportunity to see this latest practice first hand.

Classroom Challenge – Create episodic content for a “boring” industry.

Kareem and lecturer Órla Veale, managing director of marketing consultancy business Conker, were keen to spark the students’ creativity by asking them to develop episodic content for a business in what could be considered a typically “boring” industry. Some of the businesses chosen were a table manufacturer and a golf equipment manufacturer, among others. “I was blown away by some of the ideas pitched by the groups – some suggested ideas that I wouldn’t have even thought of myself,” shared Kareem. He mentioned one team that pitched an idea for an emotive docu-series following families sharing special moments, which always took place around their dining table, for the table manufacturing business.

“I was honoured to be invited to give a lecture on episodic content to some awesome master students, based on Original Series and the learnings from tribetactics”, says Kareem. “I was particularly impressed with the creativity shown by the students. It was humbling to see them so inspired to take on the world with their own original series or to just bring a fresh approach to the workforce.” Kareem was also keen to share that Griffith College would be the first place he would look to fill their revamped internship programme, mainly thanks to the great experience he had with the current students.