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Griffith College Student Nominated for Photography Student of the Year at Smedias 2019

Photographic Media student at Griffith College, Sebastian Farron-Mahon was nominated for Photographer of the year at the Smedias 2019
Seb Farron-Mahon

Griffith College Student Nominated for Photography Student of the Year at Smedias 2019

Griffith College Photographic Media BA student Sebastian Farron-Mahon has been nominated for the Smedias 2019. Sebastian was chosen for what he calls a “project [I] began as an experiment inspired by some photographers and paintings I had encountered such as Benoit Paille.”

“It’s an ongoing idea and where I’m attempting to see what it means to be Irish and how its rich cultural heritage is often expressed as a cliché with a pinch of truth in it.”

Griffith College and the National Student Media Awards

Sebastian was one of 9 Griffith College students to be nominated for their work in their chosen field for the Smedia 2019. The Smedias are considered the “Oscars for students” and welcomes students from across the country to come together to celebrate the industry and their work. This year’s celebrity hosts include, Will Goodbody, Neil Leslie, Mark Hennessy and Aisling O’Toole.

Photography and Possibilities at Griffith 

Sebastian’s photography career began at 18, when he got his hands on his first camera. Discussing his course, Sebastian said the freedom that comes with it and the opportunities to experiment are hugely beneficial.

“The support from the class as well as the staff has been paramount to learning about the endless possibilities within photography, building my confidence which allows me to show my work and has allowed me to begin to find a language through which I can process and produce things I wouldn’t have thought possible before.”


Discussion and Debate 

When speaking about his course, Sebastian says there’s a lot of variety on a daily basis. “That’s the fun part. There’s always lots of discussion and debate which is great.”

“And I really took to the academic modules that teach you about how to read images, visual language and contemporary practises and applications.”

In extending advice to peers considering photography at Griffith, Sebastian said, “buy the ticket, take the ride”, as for the Smedia nomination, he said, “if you don’t buy the ticket, you can’t win the lotto.” 

Image Credit: Sebastian Farron-Mahon