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Griffith College Students Receive 12 Nomination at Annual SMEDIAS

Nine Griffith College students within the Journalism and Media Communications faculty have been nominated for the prestigious awards

Nine Griffith College students within the Journalism and Media Communications faculty have been nominated for the prestigious awards

The annual student media awards, (SMEDIAS) will take place this Thursday, April 11th. Twelve Griffith College students from Media and Communications courses have been nominated in nine categories. The SMEDIAS are a celebration of the industry and acknowledgement of talented students.

Photography Nominations for 2019

The photography faculty has a strong representation from the photography department with three nominations for Photographer of the year, two for News Photographer and one for Sports Photographer of the Year.

Journalism & Media Communications Programme Director Sinead Murphy said, “The Photography department is delighted to see students from all three stages of the programme nominated in the photography categories of the SMEDIAS. It is a great honour for the students to have their hard work and talent recognised on a national scale. We are immensely proud and wish them all the very best of luck”.

Journalism & Communications at Griffith College

Nominations also include students within the Magazine Production, Layout and Design category as well as Radio.

The 2019 awards see Griffith being nominated for Journalist of the Year in the National Media category. Final year BA in Journalism and Visual Media student Rose Ugoalah features in the prestigious category.

Pride Within the College

Deputy Head of the Journalism and Media Communications Faculty Dr Robbie Smyth said, “The faculty is delighted with the strong showing again of Griffith students across the media spectrum including; writing, layout and design and radio. There are a great range of photography nominations, that make up six of the 12 Griffith contenders. We are particularly proud of the team behind the magazine ‘Footprint’ who have been nominated in three separate categories. We wish all out students the best in the awards”.

The full list of nominees are below

  1. Magazine of the Year - Footprint | Griffith College, Dublin

2.    Sports Photographer of the Year - Dylan Termorshuizen | Griffith College

3.    Layout & Design – Magazine - Footprint | Griffith College

4.    Radio Documentary of the Year - Léopoldine Iribarren | Griffith College | Situation of Crisis

5.    Photographer of the Year - Anthony Flinter | Griffith College

6.    Photographer of the Year - Seán Moore | Griffith

7.    Photographer of the Year - Sebastian Farron-Mahon | Griffith

8.    News Photographer of the Year David Uzell | Griffith College

9.    News Photographer of the Year - Giorgia Mazur Graf Schreiber | Griffith College

10.Small College/Society Publication of the Year - Footprint | Griffith

11.Sports Writer of the Year - Patrick Reid | Griffith

12.Journalist of the Year – National Media - Rose Ugoalah |Griffith College


Image Credit: Dylan Termorshuizen