Griffith College welcomes new BA in Bar Management

BA in Bar Management

Griffith College offers a new apprenticeship option for students; the BA in Bar Management. The aim of the programme is to develop compliant, confident and effective bar managers who can work autonomously, manage all aspects of a bar trade while delivering an excellent consistent customer and staff experience.


The licensed bar is an integral part of Ireland’s cultural, social and economic environment providing a focal point for community, entertainment and employment. In recent decades, the bar trade worldwide has undergone considerable change. Consumer preferences have changed due to international influences and the changing cultural landscape in Ireland. This programme is targeted at progressive bar managers who are aware of these changes and realise the need to be creative and change their operations and offering. 

Why Take This Course

The programme provides the apprentice with the knowledge skills and competencies required to run a bar trade that is efficient, responsive and delivers a consistent high-quality customer experience. It covers all aspects of the business namely legislation, operations management, customer service, food and beverage, personal and professional development, communications, finance, marketing and human resource management. Apprentices follow a course of study over 3 years delivered collaboratively between employers and the coordinating provider. Apprentices will need to apply their learning to their business and evaluate the results, compiling a portfolio of evidence.

Learners will expand their creative problem-solving, develop contemporary commercial skills and pursue personal and professional development.

To learn more about this new course, check out the course page.