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Types of Short Courses

Part-Time Courses

Subjects covered in our part-time short courses include Business Management Courses, Marketing Courses, Online Marketing and Digital Strategy, Human Resource Management, Project Management, Finance, Credit Management, Capital Markets, Administration & Office Skills and many others. 

Computer courses range from evening courses and daytime training for beginners in Microsoft Office end-user applications to Professional Technical Training Courses such as CompTIA and Cisco, Design Courses, Web Design, AutoCAD and Desktop Publishing. 

CLICK Workshops

CLICK (standing for Creative Learning, Innovation, Communication & Knowledge) is our new Professional Development Programme. It offers an array of new strategic courses to help learners grow in their jobs, communicate more productively and feel less stressed.  

Quick CLICK Workshops 

Could you do with a quick boost of training or a new skill to get you through the day? We know you’re busy, so we have something unique to meet your needs. Only 45 minutes long, this is a high impact workout for your brain. You’ll gain new insights, and get to focus on a specific solution to major workplace issues. We give you a few key points that help you to implement changes in your job right away and inspire you long term. 

Sessions are offered at lunchtime or at the end of a workday, so it’s easy to fit them into your schedule. Bring your coworkers or colleagues, or come solo and meet other professional people who care about doing a great job! 

Child Protection Courses

Griffith College City Centre offers a series of courses in the area of Child and Vulnerable Persons Protection. The content is based on TUSLA’s Children First course, enhanced by international best practices, criteria and methodology on Child Protection and Safeguarding Training. Taught by a retired member of An Garda Síochána, these courses will provide participants with an understanding of issues surrounding the safety of children and vulnerable persons.