10 Benefits to Completing a Masters in Law

Law Masters Griffith College

Do you have a Law degree and are you wondering what to do next? Have you considered completing a Masters in Law (LL.M.)?

Obtaining a Masters in Law is becoming increasingly popular as it aids graduates in both their academic and professional development. In this article, we review the top 10 benefits associated with completing a Masters in Law. While they may not be relevant to all law graduates, we firmly believe a Masters in Law can benefit anyone at any age or stage of their career.

  1. Stand out from the crowd - For graduates who have completed an undergraduate Law degree, a Masters in Law can help them to stand out from the crowd when it comes to getting a job.
  2. Academic Specialisation – Completing a specialised Masters in Law, such as International Human Rights Law or International Commercial Law, helps graduates to specialise in a particular area where they wish to pursue a career and therefore become an expert in that field.
  3. Upskilling - A Masters in Law offers experienced professionals who already have an established career in Law the opportunity to stay up-to-date with current curriculum.
  4. Career Change – A Masters in Law can facilitate a career change and facilitate the exploration of a new area.
  5. Salary Increase / Promotion – Completing a Masters in Law whilst working for an employer can help with any salary increase or promotion requests, as you can justifiably argue that you now bring more value to your employer and therefore deserve a reward.
  6. Practising Experienced Lecturers –Masters students have the opportunity to benefit from a wealth of knowledge offered by both academic experts and industry professionals.
  7. Research and Professional Development– A Masters in Law encompasses a variety of assessments, including exams, assignments and a research project known as a dissertation. This diversity ensures that students develop their research and transferable skills.
  8. New Friendships – Completing a Masters in Law can often foster strong friendships with like-minded people. These friendships are not only beneficial when completing a course for both morale and academic support, but can continue long after the course.
  9. Networking – In-person lectures provide learners with the opportunity to network with many legal practitioners. No two learners are the same, everyone brings their own experience and backgrounds. This benefits the student by opening their world-view and widening their considerations for decision-making or problem-solving.
  10. PhD Progression – A Masters in Law can act as a stepping-stone for undergraduate students interested in completing a doctoral degree and a career in academia.

At Griffith College, we offer three Level 9 LL.M. programmes. These are for a duration of one calendar year or for three semesters. Learners study three modules in both semester one and two and in semester three, they complete a 20,000-word dissertation. Learners with daytime commitments can attend on-campus evening lectures.

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