7 Reasons to Study A Drama Education Qualification With the Leinster School of Music and Drama

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So you’re considering a drama education qualification. At the Leinster School of Music and Drama, we offer a 60-credit Higher Diploma in Arts in Drama Education. Embedded in the H.Dip are a 45-credit Certificate in Drama Education and a 20-credit Certificate in Drama Performance.

The main aim of our programmes is to prepare students to become contemporary practitioners in drama education. They are ideal for drama enthusiasts who wish to expand their skill set to open up their own drama schools or run private after-school lessons. If that sounds like something you're interested in, check out 7 reasons why one of our programmes may be right for you: 

1. Move into a career in drama teaching

Typically, students who join our programmes have a clear passion for drama and have been involved in theatre or productions alongside a full-time role. Our programmes provide an ideal path for the progression of drama students to become drama teachers, as you will have the opportunity to advance your own skills in the area of drama performance and explore new possibilities in this area. These skills, in turn, can be applied to the drama teaching context. Over time, this can lead to far more career opportunities and a much greater sense of job satisfaction.

2. Teach speech, drama, dance or public speaking with a qualification in LSMD

In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the number of schools operating countrywide in this field. Parents continue to look for specialist classes in speech, drama, dance, communication and public speaking beyond the specified curriculum.

On completion of our programme, you can follow the path of many of our graduates and open your own drama practice or studio, or offer private lessons in a school or community setting. Having this additional income alongside your full-time role comes with obvious advantages.

3. Revitalise the practice of existing drama teachers

Our students often come from primary or post-primary teaching backgrounds. Our programmes can act as a professional development opportunity to revitalise the practice of existing teachers, enabling you to become successful and confident in the art of drama teaching.

4. Learn from highly-qualified teaching staff

Students will benefit from highly focused and experienced lecturers, including guest lectures from industry, drawn from the fields of performing, directing, production, psychology, with wide experience in the area of teaching and learning.

As would be expected in this field, the nature of the teaching varies greatly involving voice coaching, teaching drama, movement, dance, mime, and communication skills, facilitating workshops and lecturing to name just some of the settings.

5. Gain an internationally recognised qualification in Drama 

Our drama teaching programmes are fully accredited by QQI, making them internationally recognised qualifications. As well as that, our Higher Diploma in Arts In Drama Education is the only H.Dip in Ireland offering QQI-validated specialised drama education qualifications.

6. Flexible study options for those looking to further their career in Drama teaching

Our programmes are run part-time with evening study, and daytime sessions (held on a mixture of Saturdays and Sundays). With the option to take the programme in three stages under the QQI ACCS scheme, you can secure your qualification at a pace that suits your personal and professional life whilst applying new learning throughout.

7. University-style facilities

Students have access to performance-oriented facilities, including a 600-seat concert hall and an impressively stocked drama library. Our drama library has been accumulated over several decades and includes numerous plays, literature, drama theory and educational texts.

Find out more about our Higher Diploma in Arts in Drama Education here.

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