The Leinster School of Music and Drama at Griffith College
The Leinster School of Music and Drama at Griffith College
leinster school of music and drama

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
Arthur O'Shaughnessy

We carry out examinations in 4 disciplines

The support and flexibility that we offer music and drama teachers is reflected in the thousands of teachers who prepare their students for our grade examinations.

Individual Lessons

We offer music and drama tuition for all ages and abilities.

We provide 1-to-1 weekly classes of 30 to 60 minutes duration over a 30 week period, from 9am to 9pm daily. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs and abilities of the student.

Why Study at Griffith College?

Over 100 years after our founding, we remain Ireland's largest independent music academy, offering examinations both nationally and internationally.


Established teaching staff

Our staff are firmly established in the area of performance, which adds to the unique learning experience you will receive.

Prominent students

Both past and present students have performed at a national and international level, whether it's performing at the National Concert Hall or touring the globe with opera and orchestra companies.

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