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Welcome to The Leinster School of Music & Drama

The LSMD is an established national examining body in Ireland and the centre for excellence in music and drama education and training since 1904. Since its founding, the school has produced an array of accomplished performers and pedagogues.
Our mission is to nurture and support music and drama education and training. Through the LSMD graded music and drama examinations, diplomas and teacher training courses our aim is to make music and drama tuition and training accessible. Our graded exams are designed to encourage a learner’s technical and artistic development. When it comes to our graded examinations we pride ourselves on the support and flexibility that we offer music and drama teachers. We remain Ireland’s largest independent music and drama examining body.

Benefits of Studying with LSMD

  • Leading Music Academy and Drama School: Over 100 years later, we remain Ireland's largest independent music academy, offering examinations both nationally and internationally.
  • Established Teaching Staff: Our staff are firmly established in the area of performance, which adds to the unique learning experience you will receive.
  • Prominent Students: Both past and present students have performed at a national and international level, whether it's performing at the National Concert Hall or touring the globe with opera and orchestra companies.

Our Courses

We offer Certificate courses, Higher Diplomas and 1 to 1 Lessons across music and drama.

  • Music & Drama 1 to 1 Lessons

Drama Courses:

  • Certificate in Drama Performance
  • Certificate in Drama Teaching
  • Higher Diploma in Arts in Drama Education

Music Courses:

  • Certificate in Music Teaching
  • Certificate in Musicianship
  • Higher Diploma in Arts in Music Education


Candidates are now invited to apply for LSMD scholarships.

The Sheila Murphy Music and Drama Scholarship Award 

This scholarship serves to pay tribute to the contribution that Sheila made to the LSMD and her passion and dedication to music and drama education over five decades. Sheila was the director of the LSMD in the 1980s and was a cherished member of the LSMD team. Under her guidance the number of students increased to over 15,000. She played an integral part in the development of curriculum, the promotion of music in Ireland and the teaching of young musical minds around the country of Ireland. Karen Casey, Head of Faculty at the LSMD, commented: ‘Sheila was an inspiration to the thousands of students who passed through the doors of The Leinster School of Music & Drama. She is sorely missed but I think she would be happy to know that her name will go on to help and inspire future music and drama students and teachers in Ireland’.

These Scholarships are available to students who have completed their LSMD Grade 8 exams in both music and drama, and who wish to progress to The Certificate in Music Teaching Course QQI 20 Credits (LSMD Music Associate Diploma/Certificate of Proficiency) or LSMD Grade 10 to progress to The Certificate in Drama Performance Course QQI 20 Credits (LSMD Drama Associate Diploma). The scholarships have a combined value of €5000.

Candidates (18 years of age and over) wishing to apply for a scholarship should apply before 31st August, on-line or by post, include transcripts, a cover letter stating their interest in applying for the scholarship and the name of their music/drama teacher who may also offer a reference for the candidate. Please contact us at The Leinster School of Music & Drama for further details, other terms and conditions apply. Teachers are advised that they may send details of this scholarship to students who they have taught in previous years, these scholarships are open to all LSMD candidates who have completed their grade 8 (Music) and grade 10 in Speech & Drama exams on the old/new syllabus.



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