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Here at the LSMD we recognise that not all learners are the same and our syllabi cater for individual learner needs. Through structured and systematic learning the LSMD aims to provide a supportive environment to enhance the interest in, and development of music education. The added advantage to our syllabi is that as a candidate progresses through the grades they have the option of their own choice pieces.

The LSMD graded music examinations focus on the all-round development of musicianship and is available for the following instruments:

  • Pianoforte
  • Vocal
  • Bowed Instruments: Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, Double Bass
  • Wind Instruments: Descant Recorder, Flute, Clarinet
  • Guitar
  • Musical Theatre
  • Music Diplomas
  • Musicianship
LSMD Syllabi
Musical Theatre

The LSMD Music Theatre syllabus is designed to incorporate a number of innovative concepts to develop a candidates understanding of performance, improvisation, sight singing, scales and arpeggios, and musicianship skills.

Music Diplomas

Past Papers

  • Music Diploma Papers 2011 - Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching

  • ​Music Diploma Papers 2012 - Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching

  • Music Diploma Papers 2012 - Professional Diploma for Teachers Paper I

  • Music Diploma Papers 2014 - Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching


Theory examinations are of huge benefit to candidates learning an instrument or studying music at second level. The LSMD graded musicianship exams offer a range of benefits to the learner. Theory examinations are offered from Preparatory to Grade 8 for both music and speech and drama candidates.

Past Papers

  • Music Theory Papers 2010 - Theory Examination Paper Grade 1

  • Music Theory Papers 2010 - Theory Examination Paper Grade 5

  • Music Theory Papers 2011 - Theory Examination Paper Grade 6

  • Music Theory Papers 2011 - Theory Examination Paper Preparatory Grade

  • Music Theory Papers 2012 - Theory Examination Paper Preparatory Grade

  • Music Theory Papers 2013 - Theory Examination Paper Preparatory Grade