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Course Overview

Upskill as a drama teacher and facilitator with the Certificate in Preparing the Performer.

The Certificate in Preparing the Performer is a unique and valuable opportunity for teachers who want to improve their skills and inspire their students. The course is designed for teachers of all levels and backgrounds, who want to enrich their teaching methods and expand their career opportunities.


The certificate looks at the importance of voice, mime, mask, and movement in the modern drama classroom. The course has a blended delivery mode. You will have access to industry-expert instructors, peer feedback, and a supportive learning community. You will also receive exemptions for our Higher Diploma in Arts in Drama Education.

Experience the advantage of learning within a close-knit community, where faculty members are actively engaged in their industries. Be inspired by an array of guest lecturers who bring fresh perspectives to the table, enhancing your understanding of diverse subjects.

In a world where personal connections matter, our small class sizes foster an environment where you're more than just a student – you're a valued participant. Network with accomplished alumni and graduates who have carved their paths, and tap into their insights.

  • Wide range of guest lecturers
  • Small faculty with a personal touch
  • Strong links with alumni and graduates
  • Flexible learning mode
  • Strong employability root
  • Conversion of existing skill set into comprehensive teaching ability.

Intake Dates

  • Dublin - Part-Time - September 2024

Course Details

Preparing the Performer (10 ects.)

Preparing the Performer aims to equip learners with an understanding of the importance of the voice and body within drama. Each section within the module is designed to enable learners to demonstrate proficiency in their knowledge of the form, style, aesthetics, and technicalities of the discipline. The module is in two parts: the first deals with the preparation of The Voice. The second part, The Body, is further divided into Dance, Mime and Mask.

The New LSMD Examination Syllabi (2023) plays an important role in the delivery of the content of this certificate and will allow existing LSMD teachers and tutors to refresh their existing skills while gaining a more in-depth understanding of the examination syllabi. This certificate has both practical and written elements.

The assessment strategy for this certificate has a practical and participative focus. Learners also engage in reflective practice and writing through the Process Folio an Integrated Programme Assessment piece (IPA)

Suzanne Binley

The Leinster School of Music & Drama Programme Director
  • Dublin


How to Apply

Through the usual apply on line application form. All applicants will be considered on a case by case basis.


Tuition Fees

Tuition Fee: € 745.00

Admin Fee: € 250.00

Total Cost: € 995.00

15% discount for LSMD Teachers

10% discount for SDToI Members