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A blended learning accounting degree is not an empty experience; it’s engaging and flexible

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Blended learning courses are ideal options for potential students who either don’t want to commit to full time, campus-based study or ­have other commitments they need to juggle with their learning.

Blended learning courses allow students to attend lectures, submit work and ask questions online, meaning they are able to study from home or wherever is practical for them. Griffith College’s blended learning courses mix this with classroom learning, allowing lecturers and students alike to fully make the most of the time spent together in the classroom, utilising that time for activities and discussion.

There are various reasons why people choose to study a blended learning degree such as our online accounting degree. For some, it’s just not practical to be on campus every day, and a blended learning course allows them to stick to existing commitments such as employment or childcare whilst still learning.

An online accounting degree from Griffith College can open up various career options including jobs in banking, finance and accounting. The course will teach you industry-leading skills and you will graduate with the knowledge you need to succeed in the working world.

The blended learning course at Griffith College offers the perfect mix of online and classroom learning. Prospective students can be put off the idea of an online-based degree for fear that they can be lonely and isolating. A key part of learning is being able to learn from and with your peers and fellow students, which is why our blended learning options ensure that students still get much-needed interaction and discussion with students and lecturers.

Time spent in the classroom makes up a key part of our blended learning courses, allowing you to undertake activities and ask the questions you need answers to in order to further your study. Our lecturers are industry experts and by mixing this with online lectures and work submissions, you can rest in the knowledge that the time you're committing to the classroom is being utilised to the full.

Another benefit for students of a blended learning course is the ability to undertake some of the work when and where is best for you. Not everyone learns and works the same and whilst some people find it easier to concentrate in the morning, others find the afternoon is best. Distance learning courses give you some of the power and freedom to decide when and where you want to learn.

Despite not being together in person, students on blended learning courses at Griffith College are fully supported by our industry-leading lecturers, who are on hand for regular catch-ups and discussions outside of the static timetable. A blended learning degree allows you flexibility within your learning whilst still being enjoyable and engaging.

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