Is Blended Learning right for me?

Blended learning relies on self-directed learning, and as such there are a few qualities that will contribute to your success in these courses. 

  • Committed – To get the same experience as students taking full-time or part-time classes on campus, we recommend that you commit a minimum of ten hours per week to your course. Some students prefer to study in the morning, others in the evening, others on their lunch breaks from work! What matters for most students is being able to pick a schedule and stick to it. 
  • Valuing flexibility – If flexibility is vital to your schedule, blended learning could be right for you – it gives you more opportunities to decide where and when you complete your coursework.  
  • Independent – If you’re good at managing your own schedule and motivating yourself to work, and you don’t mind working on your own for the most part, blended learning could be a great way for you to earn a degree while still doing your own thing. 
  • Organised – Just like students on campus, you’ll have a lot to keep track of, between webinars and assignments and days in class. The good news is that you’ll have a supportive network of lecturers, fellow students and a dedicated eLearning team & IT Support. 
  • Open-minded – It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that learning only happens in a traditional classroom, but innovative techniques for educators and learners alike are flipping that idea on its head. Blended learning is a fantastic opportunity to diversify your skill set and gain experience thinking outside the box.