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Get your Degree in Industrial Engineering

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If you had the chance to earn a degree in an industry expected to undergo enormous growth, and do it for free or with drastically reduced fees, wouldn't you take it?  

The good news is, it’s entirely possible you can, with the QQI Springboard+ funded Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.IE).  

Engineers Ireland expects 6,000 jobs to be added in the engineering sector next year, and they add that “89% of the engineering employers surveyed believe their financial position will improve in 2019.” You can be prepared to take on this enormous opportunity with the one-year B.Eng.IE from Griffith College!  

Industrial engineers make decisions concerning the best use of an organisation’s people, material, equipment and energy. To accomplish the best use of resources, the industrial engineer systematically collects, analyses and arranges information. These are critical skills, especially where resources are scarce. Industrial engineers are needed across all industries: in manufacturing (traditional and modern), and services as well as in banking, biotechnology, transportation, pharmaceuticals, consultancy, distribution services, the health sector, military and other areas of government. 

This QQI Level 7 course gives learners the tools to improve productivity, efficiency and profitability, as well as developing skills vital for effective management and efficient organisation. Plus, the course is part-time, so it’s easy to grow your skills while moving forward in your career. 

And the best part is, you might be able to do it for free.  

As a Springboard+ funded course, the B.Eng.IE is funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA), to help make in-demand skills more accessible. These qualifications are proven to be gateways towards promising careers. If you’re unemployed, you won’t have to pay anything for the course, and if you're working, you’ll still only need to pay 10% of the tuition. 

Interested in Industrial Engineering?

A Springboard+ course could be the ideal step for you to jump ahead in your career! Click the link below to start your journey.