Griffith College Lecturer Robert Farrell Explores Digital Transformation

Three computers depicting digital transformation

Business lecturer Robert Farrell explores the concept of Digital Transformation and Digital Disruption through a series of videos.

What is digital transformation?

According to Rob, Digital Transformation is much more than a fad or a buzzword, it’s “a fundamental evolution of an organisation to ensure its survival and growth.”

In a nutshell, it is using digital technologies to enhance or transform a business by replacing non-digital processes with digital. 

When implemented correctly, digital transformation can have hugely positive effects on a company or business. It can provide customer value and make your company and/or business stand out from a competitor.

 Digital technologies

In a bid to pursue Digital Transformation, many companies will use smart technologies like analytics which will predict patterns and new means to improve their products.

“With the exponential growth of processing speed, connectivity and the reduction in memory storage, the rate of technological advancement has outpaced linear business growth resulting in a wide range of advanced tools available to organisations who possess the right vision for how they can be used and the right ability to leverage technology such as artificial intelligence, sensors (Internet of Things), cloud computing, robotics, big data and more”

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Watch Rob's Digital Transformation videos here

Watch Rob's Digital Transformation videos here