How is Blended Learning Different From an Online Programme?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is a model of study that combines virtual lectures and tasks with in-class experience. It is meant to offer a level of flexibility that is not possible with a classroom-based programme of study.

So, how does this differ from an online programme?

Blended Learning vs. Online

Online programmes are entirely virtual so you have complete freedom and responsibility in getting through the required material. Online programmes require distance from your classroom. This means that, while you do not have to travel to campus, you also do not have the chance to build personal relationships with your lecturers or your colleagues. Blended Learning, on the other hand, is a hybrid of the freedom of online learning with the opportunity to interact with your class face-to-face.

People who require flexibility in their studies but also desire the student experience will benefit from Griffith College’s Blended Learning programme. Blended Learning at Griffith College is primarily completed online with generally one day a month (usually a Saturday) spent on-campus collaborating with peers. For example, your lecturer may assign you videos to watch along with an online task to display your understanding of the material, then spend your in-class day discussing the content, demonstrating different methods, and allowing time to collaborate with other students and practice techniques for immediate and constructive feedback.

How do I know if Blended Learning is right for me?

If you want the experience of being a student, but need a level of independence in completing your studies, you should consider applying for one of Griffith College’s Blended Learning programmes.

At Griffith College, certain faculties even offer an Access Programme – a resource that allows you to work with your department’s faculty to design a schedule of study that requires taking fewer modules a year, giving you even more flexibility in your degree. Griffith College wants to make receiving a degree as obtainable as possible for you, which is why we offer the Blended Learning study mode.

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Interested in Blended Learning?

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