How to Study for Irish Tax on Your Coffee Break: Tips and Strategies

Paula Byrne at book signing

Are you preparing for your Irish professional accountancy tax exams and looking for a resource to help you improve your skills?

Look no further than Paula Byrne's "Study For Tax In Your Coffee Break" podcast.

As our senior tax  lecturer at Griffith College and a recognised authority in the field of Irish tax, Paula provides expert insights and practical tips to help you navigate the complexities of the ACCA ATX and CPA ATS exams.

'Study for tax in your coffee break' regularly appears in the top 10 Irish educational podcast ranking by Feedspot.

Paula also authors the only ACCA and CPA approved Irish Tax text books. Order Books | Griffith College.  

We would seriously recommend you sign up for Paula's lectures. She has the highest verified ACCA pass rates in Ireland and gives 100%. 

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