Unveiling the Magic of Puppetry with Niamh Lawlor from Púca Puppets with The LSMD

Púca Puppets

Our Leinster School of Music & Drama and Higher Diploma in Drama Education learners were treated to an exciting class by Niamh Lawlor, the founder of Púca Puppets. Imparting her wisdom and passion for puppetry, our students were eager to learn how to incorporate aspects of this into their teaching skills. This guest lecture was the first of a series as part of the Higher Diploma programme. 

Niamh Lawlor is a founder and Artistic Director of Púca Puppets since 1997. With a Bachelor of Design from NCAD and a Masters in Theatre Direction from the University of Hull, she has extensive experience as a maker, performer, director and designer for Púca and other theatre companies (including The Abbey, The Ark, Ceol Connected, Anna Newell Theatre Adventures, etc.). She works as a collaborative and participative artist in many contexts, with work bridging the visual, film and theatre arts. Niamh is also a member of The Hugh Lane Gallery and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Councils' Artists Panels, and for many years, was a member of the Artist Panel of the Irish Museum of Modern Art.  

Púca Puppets

Formed in 1997, Púca Puppets stands as a pillar of innovation and creativity. They have been praised for their captivating performances that seamlessly blend tradition with modern storytelling. With a mission to inspire imagination and ignite curiosity, Púca Puppets has captured the hearts of audiences far and wide. 

One of the workshop's highlights was the hands-on experience provided by Niamh to the students. Under her guidance, they delved into the art of puppetry, how to use movement to convey emotion and the magic of bringing creations to life. As the workshop ended, it was great to see our learners feeling inspired and excited to incorporate Niamh’s teachings into their own practice!  

Púca Puppets

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