What Is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning

The online world has revolutionised learning for mature students. Lifelong opportunities to gain access to learning have been transformed by online and blended learning programmes. We at Griffith College offer a variety of blended and online programmes.

What is a Blended Course?

A blended course combines the best of the online world and live classes. You have access to a virtual classroom which is updated regularly with online lectures, activities, notes and readings. The interactive environment allows you to be assured that you are gaining the same understanding of the material as those who are sitting in the classroom. Class tutorials take place over the internet in the form of a webinar. And once a month, you join your fellow students on campus for traditional lectures and workshops.

You are assigned a mentor and a study group to ensure you have a support group. There is also IT support available from the e-learning department to ensure you have access to all the online features.

Why study a Blended Course?

A blended course has many benefits including:

  • Balance: The courses work around your schedule so you can maintain a healthy work-life-study balance.

  • Distance: As there’s only one campus class a month, you don’t have to live near the college to be able to study, or commute in rush hour traffic.

  • Support: You are assigned a mentor and a study group to support you throughout every stage of the course.

  • Variety: The online classes with be taught using a selection of tools, for example, research using websites and journals, online quizzes, Wiki projects, blogging and discussion forums.

What do I need to study a Blended Course?

Once you meet the entry requirements for the course, all you need is…

  • A positive attitude

  • A passion for learning

  • A disciplined approach to learning and time to work on your programme

  • A good internet connection. (Test your own broadband at www.speedtest.net)

  • A laptop

Interested in Blended Learning?

We have a variety of blended and online courses across business, law, accountancy & more!