Why consider a part-time computing course?

A half-open laptop lit from behind in purple and red

Computer science is a rapidly growing, dynamic discipline playing an integral role in the world we live in today. Studying computing at Griffith College gives you the opportunity to explore how modern computer and communication systems work, how they can be made to work better in the future and how you can take lessons from these systems to build the next generation of computing applications.

Similar to all computing programmes in Griffith College, our part-time computing courses are designed by a panel of industry experts in order to equip students with the fundamental knowledge to understand today’s computing technologies and with the skills to put these principles in practice. The main difference is that the part-time programmes are delivered in a manner that allows our students to balance full-time work with part-time study, but there are plenty of other reasons to consider undertaking a part-time computing qualification!

Balance & Flexibility

Balance is key. The majority of part-time students that attend Griffith College also hold full-time jobs. Classes are generally held a few evenings per week, with an occasional intensive weekend workshop. Blended courses like the Higher Diploma in Computing give students the opportunity to join classes live from home or work through our streaming platform. This also allows students to catch up or re-watch classes if they want a little extra time to grasp a concept addressed in class.

Personal Development

Having full-time work and part-time study on a CV shows phenomenal work ethic and strength of character. Not only will having a degree in the field of computing science provide you with a deep understanding of theories and emerging technologies, but these programmes will equip you with extensive transferrable skills and will further your personal development. Many of our students are already working in the technology industry but see the value in a computing degree, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, to progress their careers even further. Similarly, with our BSc (Hons) and our Higher Diploma, these programmes do not need any previous knowledge in the area of computing science and so allow individuals to pivot their careers into the tech industry.

Small Class Sizes

At Griffith College, the part-time computing courses have a maximum class size. This means students will receive individual attention from our lecturers, who all have real-world computing experience. Our computing staff have worked in some of the world's leading tech companies as well as in start-ups, so you can get the widest breadth of experience possible. Our lectures, projects and lab work are all designed to enhance your career prospects within the tech and computing world.

Use Technology To Make The World a Better Place

Computing science is an exciting and extraordinary creative discipline propelling students towards innovation and technology. It is so much more than just logic, algorithms, abstraction, and computability. It expands to software engineering, networking, distributed systems, information retrieval and programming languages, to name a few elements of the computing science discipline. Similarly, there is an altruistic side of computing science where technology is leveraged to make the world a better place. In a Griffith College computing science programme, you will be challenged to think outside of the box to come up with interesting innovations using the building blocks taught to you throughout each programme.

Networking Potential

As a part-time computing student at Griffith College, you'll meet students from all over the world who are, or will be, working in tech companies. Each intake varies, but we regularly have students from the global giants who are based in Ireland as well as students from Irish companies and start-ups. Because of the small class sizes and intimate atmosphere, you'll be networking without even knowing it. On top of this, we have regular guest speakers from the industry - so you get the chance to make a first-hand impression on tech leaders. We also get tours of some of the biggest and most innovative companies in Ireland - so you can see where you want to build your career!

Computer science is an incredible career choice for those hoping to leverage their creativity and logical mindsets to develop solutions to modern-day technology problems. Having the opportunity to balance your working life with studies has never been easier with a variety of part-time programmes.

Interested in Computing?