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Why a part-time computing degree is right for YOU!

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With more and more students choosing part-time computing courses at Griffith College, we decided it was time to dig into exactly why students choose these options.
The part-time computing courses at Griffith College are specifically designed with industry experts and are delivered in a manner that allows our students to continue working in their day-jobs if that's what suits them.

1- You'll gain professional experience

The majority of the part-time students at Griffith College also hold down full-time jobs. Classes are generally held in the evening-time, with the occasional intensive Saturday workshop too. This allows students to keep gaining professional experience that employers value. Many of our students are already working in the tech industry but see the value in a computing degree to progress their careers even further - be that in the company they are currently working or in another company. One student we spoke to for this piece said that the reason he was doing a part-time computing degree at Griffith College was to allow him to travel in the future. "I work in a company that would be well-known in Ireland but because I've been largely self-taught, I realised that if I wanted to go to the States and work - it would be very hard for me to get a visa without having a degree in computing."

Some students who weren't working directly in the tech sector found that after studying computing part-time for a year or two they found jobs in the sector. We've had many students who wanted to transition from digital marketing (SEO, PPC etc) into the software side of the business and a part-time degree in computing was the ideal way to accomplish that.

2 - You'll receive personal attention due to our small class sizes

At Griffith College, the part-time computing courses have a maximum class size. This means that you will receive individual attention from our lecturers - who all have real-world computing experience. Our computing staff have worked in some of the world's leading tech companies, as well as in start-ups so you can get the widest breadth of experience possible. Our lectures, projects and lab work are all designed to enhance your career prospects within the tech and computing world. We know the commitment you are making by choosing a part-time computing course at Griffith College so we make sure that every minute counts.

3 - You'll build a network of connections that will last a lifetime

During your time as a part-time computing student at Griffith College, you'll meet students from all over the world who are, or will be, working in tech companies. Each intake varies, but we regularly have students from the global giants who are based in Ireland as well as students from Irish companies and start-ups. Because of the small class sizes and intimate atmosphere - you'll be networking without even knowing it. On top of this - we have regular guest speakers from industry - so you can get the chance to make a first-hand impression on tech leaders. We also get tours of some of the biggest and most innovative companies in Ireland - so you can see where you want to build your career!







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