The top three reasons you should be considering Griffith College for computing

Computing courses at Griffith College

There are many reasons to consider a career in computing. You’ve probably clicked on this article because you are either considering an IT course or a computer course in Ireland. Well, let us commend you on a wise choice! Ireland is home to nine of the world’s top ten technology companies, the salaries are high and it’s an industry that will only grow over the coming decades.  

The Irish Times said recently that the average starting salary for a UI or UX developer is a whopping €45,000 - that’s a higher starting salary than the average industrial wage!  

Here at Griffith College, we have a proud history of developing graduates who’ve gone on to rewarding careers with the tech giants like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Microsoft but our graduates are working in start-ups, in industry and quite a few have even set up their own businesses.  

Our lecturers have hands-on experience 

Our computing lecturers have industry experience - and many of them are currently working in industry themselves. So they go from working 9-5 in one of the tech giants and then come to class where they can teach you the IT skills that employers are currently looking for. Take Eoin Carroll for example.  

He’s in charge of our honours level undergraduate courses and Eoin takes a hands-on approach with his students and leans on his experience as the Regional Organiser for the UK and Ireland of the globally-renowned GameJam

The vast majority of our lecturers have similar experiences. So whether you’re considering a career in gaming, web development or Big Data - Griffith College lecturers can help you get the experience and contacts you need to jump ahead in your career. 

Small class sizes so that you get the attention you deserve 

Griffith College has a total student population of 7,500 students. They are based in our campuses in Dublin, Limerick and Cork. That’s a big enough number to ensure that you will have classmates to build your own network (let’s not forget that Facebook emerged from some computing students building something in their dorm room together) yet you are never a number at Griffith College.  

When you are looking at your options when picking a computer course in Ireland - then the small class sizes are well worth keeping in mind. 

Our class sizes are kept small deliberately. That’s because we passionately believe that you can’t learn IT skills by listening in a crowded lecture hall. Instead, our approach is to focus on small classes with individual attention for each student. Practical workshops and project work is the ideal way to highlight this and our small class sizes allow for facetime between each lecturer and student. 

Cutting-edge courses that will get you your dream job 

Students who choose Griffith College know that they are coming to a college where our focus is on helping you jump ahead in your career. That can mean helping you to secure your dream job, upskilling so you can get a better job or simply studying the subject that you have always wanted to study. 



Griffith College are currently taking applications for a Masters in Big Data Management and AnalyticsForbes recently said that there will be a growth in Big Data jobs of 650 percent in the next five years. That’s something we want our computing and IT students to be prepared for. 

The head of the Computing Faculty at Griffith College, Dr Waseem Akhtar, says that Griffith College aims to prepare students for the working world in the best way possible. 
“Our aim for Computing students at Griffith College is to give them the skillset necessary to go out and work on some of the most interesting projects in the world. As well as the big tech firms that everyone is aware of, we have graduates doing research on machine learning, on Internet of Things appliances and everything in between. Employers come to us looking for graduates - that’s how highly-rated our courses are,” explains Dr Akhtar. 
Griffith College also offer courses in other fast-growing areas like web developmentApplied Digital Media and Network and Information Security
We are now taking applications from students for our courses starting in September (and February too!) so take a look at the full range of courses we have on offer in computing at Griffith College and you’ll see exactly how you can jump ahead in your career! 


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