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Why Study Big Data?

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Big Data seems to be the new buzzword these days and rightly so! Not only has it effectively transformed our lives for the better, but big data management is one of the fastest growing industries in Ireland. In fact, research suggests that up to 21,000 data analysis jobs are to be created in Ireland by 2020. This forecast too is proving quite accurate with a recent announcement by internet giant Amazon to build a €1bn data centre campus in Dublin.

So what exactly is Big Data and how is it being used?

Good question! Forbes magazine describes Big Data as a collection of data from traditional and digital sources that represent a source for ongoing discovery and analysis. In a nutshell, big data management is the process of analysing large amounts of data to help inform strategic decisions.

Big Data is also playing a key role in almost every industry be it healthcare, retail, policing or sport. Yes, that’s right - sport! Some of you may remember the American sports drama film Moneyball, in which Brad Pitt played the lead role of Billy Beane, a baseball manager who successfully used statistics and data to inform his transfer market tactics and strategies. Well this film was based on the non-fictional best seller by Michael Lewis and is a perfect example of how data analytics can be used to inform strategic decisions. In addition to this, many of the world’s leading football clubs and nations are also using data analytic tools to gather intelligence on their opponents and devise tactics.

However not only is Big Data at the forefront of industry, sport and indeed the jobs market. Data Analysts are also at the heart of the decision-making process for many companies and are duly rewarded for doing so. According to a report by Sigmar recruitment, Big Data developers with an average of 3 to 5 years’ experience can expect to earn in the region of 75k, not bad eh?

So what skills are needed for a career in Big Data?

Data Analysts are generally expected to have a solid grounding in computing science, be comfortable with numbers and indeed have an in-depth understanding of particular analytic models and algorithms.

So if you have a computing science background and are interested in a career in Data Analytics then the MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics maybe for you. Designed specifically with the needs of industry in mind, the MSc aims to equip computing science graduates with the necessary skills for a successful career in the world of big data.


Learn more about the course structure, fees and progression routes from our MSc in Big Data Management and Analytics.