Your Short Guide to Available Places

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Available Places can be a confusing part of the CAO process, almost like a secret. This article will explain what available places are and how you can use them!

What are Available Places?

Available Places are a list of courses that haven’t been filled by CAO applicants yet. The courses are still open to applications so if you’re still not sure about your current choices you can change your CAO form to include these courses.

Should I use Available Places?

Don’t apply to Available Places for the sake of applying. Look at your current course choices and if you have any doubts about your choice, take a look at Available Places courses.

Where can I see the Available courses?

You can see all the current Level 7 and Level 8 Available courses here.

How do I add a new course?

Go to the ‘My Application’ section of the CAO website to sign in, then locate the 'Available Places' tab.

When do Available Places open?

Available Places open on the 31st of August at 12:00 p.m.

Need more info?

Check out this handy CAO video on how the process works!

If you have any further questions, please contact us at - [email protected]

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