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For Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Employers

For Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Employers

Push your quality of care and care recipient safety to new heights with an Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner

Representatives from across the private healthcare sector developed this programme, so it is designed to meet the needs of care providers both large and small.

The Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship is a collaborative delivery between Griffith College and Employers, of an education and training programme designed to develop senior healthcare assistants in response to contemporary developments within the healthcare sector.

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"Healthcare Assistants are integral to the provision of high-quality health and social care provided by nursing homes within communities across Ireland. The role they fulfil is intrinsic to supporting the day-to-day living needs of people requiring the high-dependency, person-centred care that is specialised within these dedicated healthcare settings.  

It is vital healthcare assistants are supported in their professional development and this programme is an important development to progress their career and increase their professional status. It will help them further enhance the quality of care they provide by providing them with deeper knowledge and a broader range of skills to achieve excellence in person-centred care. Nursing Homes Ireland supports this programme because we believe in the value of well trained, competent and motivated healthcare assistants. They are the heart of nursing home care and our wider health services."

- Tadhg Daly, CEO Nursing Homes Ireland.

Generation Apprenticeship announces welcome increase in the Employer Grant scheme.


The programme is a two-year apprenticeship programme with one day a week in the classroom for 30 weeks per annum.


This apprenticeship leads to an NFQ Level 6 - Higher Certificate in Healthcare Support Practice

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The benefits for employers of engaging with the apprenticeship are typically but not limited to:

  • Key employee retention for the duration of the programme
  • Increased loyalty and motivation for apprentices to stay based on your investment in their training
  • Introduction of new knowledge, skills and competencies to your workplace with a movement towards becoming a learning organisation
  • Apprentices can bring fresh perspectives and dynamics to a team and share their new learning with colleagues
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Marketing advantage in being able to show you are actively supporting staff training
  • Increased motivation in the healthcare team
  • Increased level of support for your nursing staff

The employer will need to:

  • Be willing to employ their apprentice for at least the 2 years duration of the apprenticeship
  • Appoint a suitably qualified workplace mentor to support the apprentice over the duration of the apprenticeship
  • Release the mentor for a short period of training at the commencement of the programme each year
  • Carry out an annual appraisal of the workplace mentor’s mentorship skills
  • Register with SOLAS Generation Apprenticeship to become an approved employer
  • Work collaboratively and effectively with Griffith College the academic provider to deliver the programme
  • Provide access for the apprentice to all the learning outcomes either internally or externally
  • Provide the apprentice with the opportunity to practice all the learning outcomes of the programme
  • Release the apprentice from the workplace for the classroom sessions
  • Commit to and sign the Apprenticeship Code of Practice for Employers and Apprentices

The third level student fee for the programme is €1,000 per annum.

All other tuition fees are funded by the government.

  • Register your interest so we can guide you through the process.
  • We will assist you in registering with SOLAS to become an approved employer for the delivery of the programme which is dependent on you meeting the required standard.

Once you are an approved employer for the delivery of the programme you are encouraged to advertise for apprentices using the Generation Apprenticeship Jobs Portal.

Questions? Email our Apprenticeships team or call the college at +353 1 415 0400