We offer instalment payments over a three month period:

40% of the full fee on registration

30% of the full fee at the end of the second month

30% of the full fee at the end of the third month

(Please note that we need to have a completed, signed instalment form completed by the student also)


Students can pay online by accessing this link:


and clicking into fees and payments

(students will need their student number to make any online payments. If you require information on your student number, you can email [email protected] )

Please access the following links, which will give you information on both the prices and timetables for our Computer Based Exams:

If a student's account is in arrears, if we are awaiting an instalment form, or if a password needs to be reset, Moodle might not be accessible.  For further details, please contact IT Services.

Students need to upload a photo and request a student card via the following link:


You will need your student number and date of birth to access this link

For all receipts and invoicing queries please email [email protected]

It is the policy of Griffith College that fees will not be refunded after the commencement date of a course

The School of Professional Accountancy at Griffith College offer the following Accountancy Courses:-

  • ACCA Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (in Dublin, Cork and Limerick)
  • CPA Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (in Dublin and Cork)
  • ATI Accounting Technicians Ireland (in Dublin only)

If you click into this link and select the relevant course, you will find tab for fees there. You can contact the faculty regarding any offers that may be available.

E-Learning is a self-study course that you work through at your own pace using Griffith College study materials, a wide range of online resources and tutor support when you need it.
e-learning offers the option of self study for students who want the flexibility to study a professional accountancy qualification anytime, anywhere, 24/7 whether at home, at work, in college or on the go.
Our classes are now streamed live which means our students can watch these sessions at the time of the class and then access them 24-48 hours after the actual class.
Access to our ‘Live Streaming’ feature which will be available via our Moodle system and can also be accessed right up to your exam period.
Access via Zoom to all scheduled classes
Student access is by log-on to our Moodle system.
Access to experienced Tutor for your Paper
All relevant material
Revision Course
All Revision Material
Mock Exams
Prize Winning Lecturers/Tutors


There are no time limits for passing any Foundations in Accountancy exams, nor any of the Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams as part of the ACCA Qualification.

Students have seven years to pass the Strategic Professional exams once you pass your first Strategic Professional exam. 
If you do not pass all the Strategic Professional exams and reach affiliate status within seven years, you’ll lose any Strategic Professional passes achieved after seven years.  
These will need to be re-taken in order to complete the qualification.
Further details are available on the ACCA website.

The Examinations held by the Institute are divided into three separate levels.
These levels are as follows: • 
A student that first registered as a student with the Institute at the Foundation Level must pass all levels of the Institute’s examinations within a maximum of 9 years.
A student that first registered as a student with the Institute at the Professional Level must pass all remaining levels of the Institute’s examinations within a maximum of 7 years.
A student that first registered as a student with the Institute at the Strategic Level must pass this level of the Institute’s examinations within a maximum of three years.

Exemptions may be granted by CPA beforehand.  Further details are available on the CPA website

These courses are over two years.
First Year
Second Year
Further details are available on the Accounting Technicians website.