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"Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”
- Solomon Ortiz

Motivate and engage students
Motivate and engage students

The Teaching and Learning department at Griffith College aims to motivate and engage students whilst also demonstrating an ability to evaluate the learning process and different learning profiles of students. Students will be encouraged to engage with the theoretical and research issues which will allow them to connect with continued self-reflective practice. The objective is that this, in turn, will act as strong change catalysts to enable advanced training and educational programme design and delivery.

Advanced learning and teaching techniques
Advanced learning and teaching techniques

Learn to use dynamic and engaging technology, advanced online pedagogies, and how to decide when and if these are appropriate to enhance the learner experience. You will also learn to design educational programmes, along with appropriate aims and learning outcomes. Students will learn to navigate the technical and legislative environment of higher education informed by institutional policy and international best practice.

Theoretical foundations and current trends
Theoretical foundations and current trends

Engage with current research on learning and teaching in a dynamic, supportive environment devoted to facilitating experimentation. Take the first steps in sharing your new practice with your peers via conferences and papers. This experience will help you prepare to implement your new skills in the classroom.

What Our Students & Alumni Say

We followed up with some past and current students to see what a difference their Teaching and Learning course at Griffith College has made to them.

This programme led me to rethink everything I do as an educator, from the writing of learning outcomes through to module design and assessment strategy. I now find myself considering what I am doing as a teacher throughout each individual class itself. Without doubt, and most importantly, my students will benefit from my application of the learnings that I have taken from this module. I strongly recommended and endorse this programme.

Ian Molloy

The certificate is an incredibly focused programme providing practical knowledge that can be readily applied to your teaching practice. The lecturers guide you through the modules, encourage discussion with your peers and make you feel part of the wider education community. I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone involved in higher education and training.

Danielle Townsend