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Network Cork & Griffith College Cork; 'Connecting the Dots with our Health & Wellbeing' by Alison Canavan

Griffith College Cork is delighted to be hosting a truly Mindful, Meaningful & Memorable event on Wednesday July 4th from 6pm - 9pm.

We are delighted to collaborate with Network Cork and to welcome Alison Canavan to Cork to share her insights, learnings and tips on all aspects of health & well-being, including: stress, breathing, eating well and what that means, gratitude, daily happiness, habits and much more.

Alison Canavan is an award-winning author of wellness book “Minding Mum”, a health and wellness coach, NLP Practitioner, daily meditator and motivational speaker.

Helping people to join the dots with their health and wellbeing is Alison’s primary goal and passion which led her to create her new show The Full 360 series, the first show of its kind that looks at connecting all aspects of wellbeing.

She recently spoke at The Mindful Life Conference in Washington in April 2017 and is currently studying mindfulness at UCLA in America. She writes a very popular weekly wellness column called ‘NIRVANA’ in The Sunday Independent and a column in Positive Life Magazine.  Check out