Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

All International students must submit an accredited English exam result with their application for study with Griffith College. You are also required to submit an accredited English exam result when applying for your student visa. We can issue a conditional offer letter where English language results are pending. 

Students must submit their most recent and highest academic transcripts to date. However, a student may be provisionally offered a place on their course with the condition that they submit their academic results as soon as possible and meet the course requirements. 

Of the IELTS exams, we only accept Academic IELTS. We also accept PTE and TEFOL. Alternatively, students may take our Duolingo English placement exam in support of the September 2020 intake. Please contact [email protected] for more information 

The following English requirements must be met before starting a course 

  • Foundation – 5.0 IELTS (or equivalent) 
  • Undergraduate – 6.0 IELTS (or equivalent)* 
  • Post Graduate – 6.5 IELTS (or equivalent)** 


  • Undergraduate Law/Journalism – IELTs 6.5* 
  • Postgraduate Law –  IELTS 6.5** 
  • Postgraduate Journalism – IELTS 7.0*** 

* Students with IELTs 5.5 may take English language support in Semester 1.

** Students with IELTs 6.0 may take English language support in Semester 1. 

***Journalism students with IELTs 6.0 may take English Language Support in Semester 1.

All information pertaining to our academic courses can be found here.

Applying to Griffith College

The Stamp 2 student visa does not support part-time programmes. Therefore, International students cannot apply for a part-time programme. A list of all programmes accepted by Irish Immigration Services can be found here

Students may apply through an agent; just be sure to indicate which agency when making your application. You can apply via our online application form

Griffith College offers an English for Academic Purposes course for students who do not meet their English language requirements. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Once an application is submitted, it typically takes 72 hours for a decision to be reached. You will be contacted by email if your application is missing any documents. If you are unsure about the status of your application, please contact [email protected].

All applications can be made through our online application form or by emailing [email protected].

You may only apply for one programme at a time. If you wish to make any changes to your application, please email [email protected] and quote your online application number.

Please email [email protected] with the missing document attached and quote your online application number.

As the visa process can take up to three months depending on the country, all international students should apply at least three months before their course is set to begin. International students living in Ireland should contact the international office directly for programme details.  

Contact details:  

Room AF105, International Office
Griffith College
South Circular Road
Dublin 08

When applying for an undergraduate or foundation course, students must include: 

  • A copy of their International Passport 
  • A copy of their High School Degree 
  • A copy of their High School Transcripts 
  • A copy of their English Language results 

When applying for a postgraduate course, students must include 

  • A copy of their International Passport 
  • A copy of their Undergraduate Degree 
  • A copy of their Undergraduate Transcripts 
  • A copy of their English Language results 

*When applying for a postgraduate business course with the Graduate Business School, students must also include a copy of their CV, a Statement of Purpose letter and a letter of reference 


All International students must pay their tuition fees in full before Griffith College can send their letter of visa support.

All information pertaining to fees, scholarships and bursaries can be found here.

Non-EU International students applying from abroad must pay their tuition fees in full.

All information on how to pay your fees can be found on page two of the student's offer letter.

All information pertaining to fees, scholarships and bursaries can be found here.

  • Rent: €6,600 (Griffith Halls of Residence shared twin room price) 
  • Food (estimate):€2,630 
  • Immigration Registration Fee: €300 
  • Airfare (estimate): €1,500 
  • Clothing (estimate): €800 

When You Arrive

Sample timetables for each programme can be found on the course's page on our website.

The Immigration Bureau in Dublin is located at Burgh Quay. The Immigation Bureau charge a fee of €300 each time you register. You can only pay the registration charge of €300 by bank giro or debit/credit card. 

You will need to bring the following items to the Immigration Office to register for your Irish Residence Permit (IRP): 

  • A valid passport 
  • A valid student ID card 
  • Evidence of financial support (e.g. current bank statement indicating your name or a letter of guarantee from a parent or guardian indicating the availability of sufficient funds to cover you during your period of stay in Ireland or a letter from your sponsor confirming your financial status) 
  • A letter from Griffith College indicating you are a registered student and indicating the start date and duration of your programme 
  • Evidence of fees paid or of funded research position 
  • Evidence of medical insurance 
  • Registration fee of €300 (payment by bank giro or credit card) 

The International Office should be informed as soon as possible if you are not able to arrive in time for orientation. We will then contact the course leader to find out if it’s acceptable for a student to arrive late or defer to the next available intake. 

You must attend your immigration appointment. We advise you to book your appointment around your class timetable. If you have a class at this time, be sure to contact your lecturer/ tutor - they will understand that your immigration appointment is mandatory. 

Course start dates will be outlined in the student's Offer Letter. Please note that induction week falls before the first week of classes and attendance is mandatory. 

The International Office will provide the student with a letter with which to open a bank account and instructions on how to do so and which banks to use.

Visa/Immigration Information

All International students studying on a Stamp 2 student visa are entitled to work maximum 20 hours per week (part-time hours) during the in-class semester and 40 hours per week during the seasonal holidays.

All students studying on the Stamp 2 student visa must have medical insurance. Students are required to arrange their own insurance cover – it is not arranged by the College. For more information, please  click here: INIS Medical Insurance Requirement



Students will be sent their Visa Support Letter as soon as all tuition fees have been secured. 

Please email the International Office at [email protected] with your application number and your country of residence and we will instruct you on how to apply for your visa. 


Yes, a virtual tour of our halls of residence is available here.

Griffith College has a state-of-the-art student cafeteria with a varied and healthy menu updated regularly. Please contact Urban Square for more details.

To apply for a room in our Halls of Residence, students can visit GHR's website.

If a student wishes to stay with a Host Family, please email our Host Family liaison at [email protected]


If a student would like to live on campus, there are limited spaces available in the Griffith Hall of Residence. To view the price list you can visit this link.  

You may contact GHR via email at [email protected]

Host Family 

If a student would like to live with a host family, where meals are included, they may contact [email protected]

Private Accommodation

We have a dedicated Communications Officer in our Student’s Union who tries to help find students privately rented accommodation. For more information, email [email protected] 

Alternative Options 

The following are a number of reputable websites in Ireland which provide accommodation independent of Griffith College.