Email and Office 365

Email through Office365

Griffith College provides an Office 365 account for all learners, lecturers, staff and alumni.

This gives learners, lecturers and staff an email account, online storage through OneDrive and access to download Microsoft Office.

Alumni will still be able to avail of an Office 365 email account. See Alumni Lifetime Email for more information.

How do I access my email account?

Through Webmail

To login to your Office 365 account please go to

Through your mobile device

Apple and Android mobile or tablet users can use either their native email clients and add our account there or download Outlook from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

For Apple users who want to configure email in the built-in email client see these step by step instructions.

For Android users, the steps can vary from manufacture to manufacture, see this guide for some suggestions.

Through your Laptop or Desktop device

Your account gives you a license for Microsoft Office including the Outlook email client which you can download here. Outlook has its own step by step wizard which will guide you through setting up your account.

If you are having any difficulties getting setup please contact us for help.

What's my username and how do I reset my password if I forget?

Username information

Your username and password will initially have been sent to your personal email account that you registered with the college. It is part of our single sign on platform so it is the same username and password you use on Moodle for example.

Resetting passwords:

Students and Alumni can reset their passwords through a self-service portal at

Staff and lectures must contact [email protected] or phone +353 1 4150499 to reset their password.

Data Protection and Privacy with Office 365

For information on the college's data protection policies please see our College Policies page.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What is MFA?

MFA is an added security layer used when logging into an account. It generally relies on combining something you know (a passphrase) with something you have (e.g. a mobile).

Factors can be thought of as evidence that you are the right person trying to log in to the account. They must differ from one another.

  • Factor 1: this is something you know – when you try to login to your email, you enter your email address and your password/passphrase.
  • Factor 2: this is something you have – after entering your email and password/passphrase, you are prompted on an app on your mobile to approve or deny the authentication request.


Benefits of MFA

The benefit of MFA comes if or when your password is compromised. If someone else tries to log in to your account, you’ll receive the MFA prompt on your phone. This will alert you to the fraudulent activity and you can deny the login request. This keeps your account secure, even if the password/passphrase is compromised.


For to be able to access to your Office 365 account MFA needs to be activated, and setting it up is easy.

You can take a look at this Microsoft video for steps on how to get the process underway.

Gmail - no longer offered.

The creation of Google App accounts has ceased, however, all existing Google Apps accounts will remain valid. The last year for which Google Apps accounts were created was the academic year commencing September 2015.