Eduroam at Griffith College

Griffith College is pleased to make Eduroam available to its staff and learners

Griffith offers learners and staff the fastest WiFi connection through our EduRoam WiFi network. Connecting to this network on campus guarantees you the fastest speeds available and offers the benefit of being able to use free WiFi at other colleges and universities, most of whom in Ireland offer the EduRoam network. Instructions are available here to get you connected.

Eduroam (education roaming)  is a secure service that allows roaming research and educational users to more easily obtain wireless network access at participating sites.

When connecting to the Eduroam wireless network at the visited site users will be prompted to authenticate and should provide their credentials for Griffith College. The user is then authenticated against an authentication server at Griffith College, and if authentication succeeds the user is granted wireless network access.

For additional information regarding the Eduroam service, visit the global eduroam website or the local national eduroam website. The Eduroam website supplies a map outlining the countries and educational institutions within those countries who have adopted the eduroam service.

The internet services available at each educational site will depend on policies defined locally.