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We’ve got locations in three of the best cities in Ireland. If you know exactly where you’d like to study, just pick the one that suits you best. If you don’t know yet – then that’s fine too!

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Connecting to “GC-Guest-WiFi” for visitors or guests

Visitors and Guest Connection Important Information

Guests and visitors to Griffith can avail of free internet access on our GC-Guest-WiFi network. This service allows visiting, short-term, authorised Griffith guests to connect their personal computer to the internet via our network. This service is not intended for use by registered Griffith staff and students; such users should make use of the Eduroam Wi-Fi service.

Users of this network must accept Griffith's terms and conditions of usage (presented on connection). The network provides a rate limited connection suitable for short-term visits. If you will be visiting the campus and using our services for an extended period you should use the faster Eduroam network.

Network Name: GC-Guest-WiFi Password: Gr1ff1thColl3g3