Remote Working

Remote Access Request

If you have approval from your line manager to work from home, please use this form for remote access requests. If you do not have your own device you can also request a laptop on the same form. Please note very limited laptop numbers available and requests will be prioritised based on organisational wide needs.

Zoom Phones

Zoom phones as set up to be used on the PC / laptop in work or remotely.

This user guide can be used for setting up Zoom phones

Accessing the network drives and Scholar using your College desktop PC remotely

When working remotely using your College desktop PC this video guide will show you how to connect to the network drives and Scholar.

Adding a remote desktop shortcut to your desktop

This video guide will show you how to add a remote desktop shortcut to your desktop for easy access to our remote server.

Using remote desktop

This video guide has some tips on how to use remote desktop alongside your own desktop.

Creating a Cyber Secure Home

That SANS Institute has produced this short video on Creating a Cyber Secure Home which offers some simple, practical steps for securing your home network.

Create a meeting invite through Outlook

When creating a meeting invite for multiple participants, scheduling assistant is a great feature that will help reduce the time it takes to create a meeting invite. Setting a notification reminder is an important setting when sharing meeting invites. This video guide runs through those features and settings and more.

Zoom Tutorial Videos

(These instructions apply when logging into a college device on any of our four campuses.)