Timetable & Attendance

Timetable & Attendance - part of the Griffith College app

AtGC is Griffith's attendance and timetabling platform. Available on the web at https://at.griffith.ie and via the App Store and Play Store.

The web platform allows students to view their live timetables in an easy to use calendar-style format and to view attendance reports (where available). The apps allow students to view their timetables, check in to their class with one-touch check-in, view  their attendance reports, access maps for our campuses and provides a quicklimk to Moodle, our virtual learning platoform.

Lecturers can use the web platform to take attendance manually (e,g if a lerrner forgets their mobile) and to view student attendance rates.

For more information contact [email protected] 

Download the app from your app store:

App Store Play Store

Checking into a class with the app

Checking into a class is a one-touch process thanks to the combination of our Bluetooth Beacons (hardware devices located in every classroom) and the Griffith College app. The Bluetooth Beacons allow the app to determine if you are in the correct classroom at the time of your class.

To check in to your class and have your attendance marked as present please follow these two simple steps:  

1. Open the app when you arrive at your scheduled classroom or look for the reminders in your notification centre and tap the reminder to open the app.

2. Wait approximately 10 seconds and a green tick will appear beside your current class (see screenshot below) indicating you have been marked present in the class.

If you have forgotten your phone you can ask your lecturer to login to at.griffith.ie and then can mark you present via the website. 


Note if you are attending online via Zoom: 

If your faculty are using the attendance platform, then your lecturer will take your attendance automatically, however, you must ensure you are signed into Zoom with your @student.griffith.ie email address for the attendance to be pulled automatically from Zoom into our attendance platform. Otherwise, you will not be marked as present.

Note that your lecturer will still need to 'pull' this attendance from Zoom after the class so you will not see the green tick appear in real-time as you do with the physical classroom-based check-in.

Troubleshooting check-in issues:

Please check the following:

1. Bluetooth is turned on
2. You have allowed the app permission to access to your location
3. You are in the correct room and within the hours of your class
4. Close and re-open the app, wait 30 seconds and you should be checked in (green tick appears).
5. If the above does not work, reboot your phone and try again.

Failing that, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it.

If you still cannot check in via the app or encounter issues, please email [email protected] with the make and model of your phone, screenshots and descriptions of the problem and we'll investigate.


If you are on an Android handset, you can shake your handset to turn on debugging mode within the app. When this is turned on you will see additional information about the beacons within range of your phone. Please include screenshots of this information if you can.