New Courses in Procurement and Supply Chain Management Launched at Griffith

Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Griffith College has launched an expanded range of courses in procurement and supply chain management. Developed in partnership with industry, the launch was attended by representatives from Intel, Mason Hayes & Curran, and the Construction Industry Federation.

In today’s business environment, an effective procurement and supply chain management function is essential for successful and sustainable business operations. Digital disruption, Brexit, climate change and the pandemic have changed the business landscape, and procurement and supply chain professionals need to be competent and equipped to develop creative, innovative, technology-driven, sustainable and compliant business practices.

Career prospects in the sector are extremely positive. Average salaries in the industry range from €40,000 to €60,000. However, highly skilled graduates in areas such as operations, logistics, procurement or planning, can earn salaries of €100,000 and above. The practical nature of Griffith’s programmes ensures graduates have a core understanding of different niches they can use to develop their careers long after they finish their studies.

In addition to the BA (Hons) in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Griffith has developed a course specifically aimed at public sector procurement professionals. The Certificate in Public Procurement is designed for those who currently or wish to work in the public sector.

Former principal officer at the Office of Government Procurement and current Griffith lecturer, Turlough Kieran, emphasises the growth and potential of the procurement job market: “There has never been a more important time for public sector procurement professionals to upskill and keep their knowledge both current and relevant,” he says. “Civil service, local government and state agencies will all face significant procurement and supply chain challenges and opportunities in the coming years.”

In his view the courses “provide the theoretical and practical skills to ensure practitioners can meet these challenges effectively”.

Programme Director Suzanne Burdis (left) and Head of Graduate Business School Áine McManus (centre) were joined by representatives from Intel, Mason Hayes & Curran and the Construction Industry Federation to mark the launch of a suite of new procurement and supply chain management courses at Griffith College’s Dublin campus

Courses currently enrolling include: